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標題: 美國伊拉克政策之研究(2002-2005)
The Study of United States' Policy toward Iraq(2002-2005)
作者: 解其橋
Hsieh, Chi-Chiao
關鍵字: America's War on Iraq
United States' Policy
Iraqi Reconstruction
出版社: 國際政治研究所
摘要: 美國伊拉克政策之研究(2002-2005) 論文摘要 911恐怖攻擊事件發生後,美國為打擊恐怖主義,並對伊拉克海珊政權展開軍事行動,發動了美伊戰爭。因著伊拉克特殊的地緣關係,使其頓時成為全球矚目的焦點。911事件給美國的國內外政策帶來了巨大的改變。此一事件之所以成為冷戰後歷史上的一個轉捩點,不僅在於這一事件本身所帶來的影響,更在於其所引發的連鎖反應與政策調整,給冷戰後的國際政治舞台帶來巨大而深遠的變化。 小布希過去四年堅持強硬的外交政策,其單邊主義政策引起國際社會的普遍不安。美國未來的外交政策無論是強硬也好,是溫和也罷,其最終目的還是以美國的國家利益及其全球戰略利益作考量,這些都是不變的事實。因此,觀察美國的對外政策,不能脫離美國的國家利益及其全球的戰略利益。 美國強硬的外交政策,特別是伊拉克政策,遭受國際社會強烈的反彈聲浪,與傳統的西歐盟友間的關係,也遭遇前所未有的破壞,裂痕至今仍未完全撫平。更糟的是,伊拉克主要戰事,已經結束多時,但伊拉克的局勢目前仍然動蕩不安,這一方面使得美軍要從伊拉克撤軍,將變得遙遙無期。 本文先由地緣政治的角度來做切入,進一步探討美國的伊拉克政策內涵,再從其政策的影響來做分析,最後就目前伊拉克情勢、美國對外政策等部份作成結論,期能有所省思。 關鍵字:美伊戰爭、美國對外政策、伊拉克重建
The Study of United States' Policy toward Iraq(2002-2005) Abstract: In the face of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Bush administration announced the war on terror by taking military action against the regime of Saddam Hussein in 2003. Because of Iraq’s special geopolitical position in the Middle East, the war had come in the spotlight since its beginning in March 2003. 9/11 terrorist attacks have brought the US some huge and profound changes to its domestic and foreign policies. This event has become a turning point not only because of the effect on the US it caused, but also because of the chain reactions and policy adjustments afterward. All of this has brought profound shifts to the landscape of international politics after the Cold War. In the past four years, the Bush administration has taken tough approach to foreign policy. Especially its unilateralism has aroused unease in the whole world. Be it tough or mild, America’s foreign policy is always based on the country’s national interest and works for its strategic benefits in the international arena. Thus, observation of the US foreign policy can’t be done without these two factors considered. The tough foreign policies adopted by the US have stirred great opposition from the international community. Relations with those traditional Western allies were also damaged badly with the cracks yet to be mad up. Worse yet, though the Iraq war had ended, the time still seems far away for the US to withdraw its troops from the country because of the rough conditions in Iraq. The thesis starts the analysis with geopolitics and then discusses the US policy toward Iraq and their effects. At the conclusion, the current situations in Iraq and the changes in US foreign policy will be talked about. Hope we can learn from history. Key word: America’s War on Iraq、United States' Policy、Iraqi Reconstruction
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