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標題: 歐盟新中國政策之研究
The European Union's New Policy Towards China
作者: 王珍台
Wang, Chen-Tai
關鍵字: 歐洲聯盟
European Union
The European Parliament
cross-straits relations
Human Rights Dialogue
Tianmen Square crackdown
出版社: 國際政治研究所
摘要: 後冷戰時期的國際政治經濟環境,造就了今日分屬歐亞兩大區域板塊的歐盟與中國的崛起。美蘇兩極所構成的「冷戰體系」正是歐洲經濟整合的重要外部因素,而中國的改革開放政策,在經濟全球化的潮流驅使下,亦取得高速發展。歐洲與中國雖相隔遙遠,但交往之歷史卻源遠流長,期間有過輝煌的光明歲月,更有著令人神傷的黑暗年代。 冷戰結束後,在一超多強的國際局勢中,歐盟成功的重建整合成為世界最大的經濟體之一;而中國在鄧小平「韜光養晦」政策下,隨著經濟實力的增強,在對外關係上亦有所作為。歐中交往互動是以經貿利益為主軸,兩國間基本上並無太大的衝突,反而利益大於矛盾。 1995年歐盟提出的《中國-歐洲關係的長期政策》文件,就是基於中國已興起成為區域與全球性角色,對歐洲與中國在全球性經濟穩定和區域安全方面具有共同的利益。因此,歐盟在從1995年至2003年先後公佈六份對中國政策的文件中,每次都有新的修正與建議,除顯示歐盟對雙方關係之重視,更透露出歐盟與中國之間,在一些議題上仍有所分歧,需要對中國擬定一些具體合作方案和政策。 不過,歐盟強調以對話替代對抗的交往方式,讓雙方在重要問題上雖有不同意見,但亦較有迴旋的空間,容易建立共識。2004年歐盟再次完成第五次擴大工程,對中國而言,勢必在經貿關係與人權問題上帶來更多的挑戰;而身處對岸的我們,亦應善加利用此一契機,加強與歐洲議會及新加盟成員國之間的關係,在包括文化、科技等多領域中與其交流,讓我們在爭取參與國際組織時,能得到歐洲人民的廣泛支持。
The European Union's New Policy Towards China International political economy environment of the period of Post-Cold War make the present European Union and China in Eurasia rise abruptly. “A Cold War System” constructed by America and Russia is just an important external factor of assembly of economy in Europe. Moreover, the open reformation policy of China also acquired a speedy development under the tidal current of economical globalization. Although Europe and China are apart far, the history of relationship between them is of long standing and well established. It had has a brilliant year and a sorrowed dark year during that period. After cold war ending, European Union successfully was reassembled to be a one of the biggest economic system in a super strong international situation; however, under the policy of Teng Hsiao-ping, and the increased economical actual strength, China got somewhat on the external relations. The interaction between China and Europe is based on the economy and trade. Basically, there is no conflict very much between them, contrarily the benefits are greater than contradiction. In 1995, European Union presented a document of “A long term policy for China-Europe relations” because China has risen and developed to be as a role in a region and in the world, which provides a mutual profit on stability of worldwide economy and area security between Europe and China. Therefore, European Union issued 6 pieces of documents for China Policy from 1995 to 2003. They amended and suggested every time, it means that they pay much attention to he China-Europe relationships, furthermore, they still have some different opinion on a subject between European Union and China. They need to draw up a certain concrete cooperation measure and policy to China. But, European Union emphasized that they use a dialogue instead of opposition for their relations, and allow both parities have a different opinion on the important problem, but remain a convolution space in order to achieve a consensus easily. European Union has completed once again the eastern expansion this year, it will have more challenge to China in the economy and trade and human rights. As we are at the cross-strait, we should enhance the relationship with the European Parliament and the new become member of European Union on the culture, technology and science communication for participating international organization and getting a popularly support by European.
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