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標題: AutoXStyle:自動化XSLStylesheet圖形介面撰寫系統
AutoXStyle:Automatic XSL Stylesheet GUI Editing System
作者: 賴振源
關鍵字: 文件轉換
出版社: 應用數學系
摘要: 在處理XML 文件的轉換時,首先必須先撰寫轉換與被轉換文件間之標籤(Tag)對應的文件﹙XSL stylesheet﹚,再使用文件轉換程式讀入欲轉換的XML 文件,然後結合XSL stylesheet 文件以轉換成目標的XML 文件。在此過程中,對於XSL stylesheet 的撰寫,只能使用現有的文字編輯器,如Notepad、UltraEdit、Emacs 等等,但上述的工具中均只提供簡易XSL stylesheet 撰寫的方式,雖然有提供複製及貼上之功能,但XML 原始文件的分析與模板( template )的產生,仍需由人工去分析判斷,徒然增加了許多人力與精神上的耗損。在本論文中,針對上述的問題提出了一個圖形介面化的工具,讓使用者在撰寫XSL stylesheet 時能有一個便捷的編輯介面,以有效率地產生Stylesheet 檔案,加速文件轉換的作業流程。 對於XML 文件之解析,我們採用PSGML 解析SGML 文件的技術,針對PSGML 中對解析DTD( Document Type Definition )的功能加以修改,並加入研究觀察所得的標籤對應通則,使系統能自動產生相對應的FO 標籤。藉由FO 檔案的產生,以滿足使用者端不同表現方式的要求。此外,系統圖形化介面方面,我們以GTK+( Gnome 提供的標準C++函式庫)為基礎,開發一套具親和力的層次瀏覽介面。冀望經由此圖形化Stylesheet 檔案編輯系統的提供,XML 文件轉換的工作可以更準確、更有效率。
A source XML document needs to transform to its target document for either presentation or communication purpose. The first step before the actual transformation can be activated is to write corresponding template rules for tag replacement, which is the XML stylesheet. Currently available XML stylesheet editors, such as Notepad, UltraEdit and Emacs, etc, are text editors that use cut-and-paste to compose a stylesheet. By text editors, realization of XML document structure and generation of template rules are done manually. It is time consuming and inconvenient. In this thesis, we present a friendly GUI editor to generate XSL stylesheets. In our editing system, AutoXStyle, parsing of an XML document is accomplished by using PSGML. Originally, PSGML is a powerful parser for SGML document. We modify some PSGML functions to fit our requirement. For example, the function sgml-list-content-elements is modified to generate element tables. To generate the target document, in format of formatting objects (FO), the corresponding stylesheet is created and modified automatically with AutoXStyle. In addition, we develop the friendly GUI based on GTK+. We expect that the process of transforming XML document can be more efficient and accurate with the proposed GUI stylesheet editing system, AutoXStyle.
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