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標題: 自我阻礙型排隊系統的效能分析
Measures of self-blocking queueing system
作者: 蔡裕立
Tsai, Yu-Li
關鍵字: Self-blocking
Series queue
Poisson arrival process
Quasi-birth-and-death process
Matrix-geometric method
出版社: 應用數學系所
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摘要: 我們研究考慮一種會產生自我阻礙現象的序列型排隊系統。我們假設顧客到達情形為Poisson過程,而服務站的服務時間遵循指數分配。我們推導出具備無限容量排隊系統的結構生成矩陣,並且運用矩陣幾何法來解出此系統的穩定狀態機率。我們也推導出系統穩定條件的解析式。關於無限容量系統的效能分析包含了:平均在系統的顧客人數、平均在系統的等候時間、系統的自我阻礙機率以及系統的平均生產量。對於個別服務站在設定不同的服務率下,配置次序對效能的影響也是本研究關注的重點。
In this thesis, we study a queueing system with self-blocking phenomenon. Poisson arrivals and exponential service times are assumed. We develop the structured generator matrix to compute steady-state probabilities of the self-blocking system with infinite space by matrix-geometric method. The stability condition of the system is obtained in closed-form. We also present some performance measures including mean number of customers in the system, mean waiting time in the system, blocking probability and mean throughput of the system, etc. The characteristics of the system with different service orders are discussed as well.
其他識別: U0005-0506201212183700
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