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標題: 操縱力感系統之電腦模擬設計與分析
The Computer Simulation Design and Analysis of Control Loading System
作者: 周淑娟
Chou, Shu-Chuan
關鍵字: control loading simulation system
出版社: 應用數學系
摘要: 本論文所設計之力感模擬係植基於液壓致動器之力感模擬系統,具有同時模擬俯仰控制軸向力感和滾轉控制軸向力感之功能,俯仰軸向和滾雙軸向是以特製之萬向接頭連接於操縱桿底部,每一軸向安裝兩個感測器用以感測所需要的控制數據,其中一個是力感測器,另外一個是位移感測器(電阻尺)。致動器包含具有比例性和方向性的控制閥以及一個標準的液壓活塞,本系統動力單元使用一個1Hp的AC馬達和一個可變容量輪葉幫浦;使用一部配備適當輸出入卡的工業級個人電腦作為控制器,而控制律之模擬軟體程式均在本電腦上執行。 本文主要貢獻在控制與模擬軟體程式設計,吾人提出之力感控制律包含模式切換邏輯設計和“放手即停靠”控制律設計。模式切換邏輯提供兩種力感控制選擇模式,一個是“放手即歸零”模式,另一個是“放手即停靠”模式,最後吾人以程式語言將力感控制律與相關硬體裝置整合成為力感模擬系統原型機。本文目的在提出一種具有通用性之力感模擬系統,可同時運用於飛行器之方向舵踏板、操控桿、油門手柄、集力桿,以及汽車方向盤、排檔桿或電動遊樂機之操縱桿等之力感模擬。
The design of simulation proposed in this thesis is a control loading simulation system based on hydraulic actuation. Two axes are set up in the system to simulate the pitch control and the roll control respectively. These axes are connected with a special universal joint at the low end of the control stick. Two sensors are installed for each axes, one is the force cell and the other is the position sensor. The actuator consists of a proportional and directional control valve and a standard hydraulic piston. An 1Hp AC motor and a variable vane pump are used in the hydraulic power unit, while an industrial PC with appropriate input/output cards is used as the controller. The control law is implemented as a software program and is executed within the dedicated PC. There are two modes for the control loading. One is the “zero-reset” mode and the other is the “zero-hold” mode. In this thesis, we propose a new logic design and a special “zero-hold” control law design. This control logic is simulated using a computer software and is integrated into the mechanical hardware to setup a prototype control loading system. The experimental experiences show that our control design are not only applicable to the control force of rudder pedal or control stick in aircraft simulator and the handler in car drive trainer, but also applicable to the throttle force in aircraft simulator or the gear box force in car drive trainer.
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