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標題: 光學讀取頭離軸誤差對雷射反饋雜訊的影響之研究
Study of the laser feedback noise corresponding to the off-axis error of optical pickup heads
作者: 鄭凱文
Jheng, Kai-Wen
關鍵字: blue laser
optical pickup head
focusing servo
laser feedback noise
relative intensity noise
出版社: 機械工程學系所
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摘要: 本研究利用具有回授控制之動態雷射反饋雜訊量測系統,探討光碟機在運作時的雷射雜訊分布,進行藍光光學讀寫頭之離軸誤差對雷射反饋雜訊的影響之研究。此研究結合了自動控制理論、光電訊號量測與光路系統設計,以藍光光學讀寫頭作為量測之基本架構,搭配數位訊號處理器作為伺服控制器來驅動致動器,進行物鏡的控制,了解雷射雜訊在不同轉速與不同雷射功率下在各種離軸位置時,其相對雜訊強度(relative intensity noise, RIN)之變化情形。 實驗結果發現,光學讀寫頭之不同的離軸量會對雷射反饋雜訊有不同的影響,碟片轉速以及雷射輸出功率也會影響雜訊強弱。此外,本研究也驗證了在藍光系統中四分之一波長片確實可以降低雷射反饋雜訊,達到防治雜訊之目的。
This study investigates off-axis error of blue-light pickup heads while operating in an optical drive by dynamic laser feedback system. Our research is implemented with the combination of automatic control, optoelectronic signal measurement, and optical system design. We adopt the blue-light pickup head as the measuring configuration and use the digital signal processor (DSP) for the servo control to drive the actuator and control the objective lens. With the system, we can realize the variation of relative intensity noise (RIN) in different off-axis positions when they are under different rotating speed and laser powers, respectively. The experimental results show that the diverse off-axis positions of the optical pickup heads will affect the laser feedback noise. Moreover, the disk rotating speed and laser power influence the laser feedback noise, too. Besides, the study also verifies that the quarter-wave-plate (QWP) is, indeed, able to reduce the laser feedback noise and achieve the noise.
其他識別: U0005-0612200716300700
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