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標題: 含有備用元件及不完全復元可修理系統效能的統計推論
Statistical Inference on Availability of Repairable Systems with Standby and Imperfect Coverage
作者: 蘇正隆
Su, Zheng-Long
關鍵字: Availability
Confidence interval
Imperfect coverage
Hypothesis test
Power function
Warm standby component
出版社: 應用數學系所
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摘要: 在這篇論文中,我們討論兩個具有暖備備用元件與不完全復元可修理系統之系統效能的統計推論。 我們假設主要元件和備用元件的故障與修理時間分別服從指數分佈跟一般分佈。主要元件及備用元件的復元因子都是一樣的,首先利用統計的原理與方法推導兩個系統效能之一致漸近常態估計量 (CAN),進而建構其信賴區間、假設檢定及檢力函數。 我們考慮對數常態分佈和韋伯分佈的修理時間,其中韋伯分佈又依其形狀參數的不同分成三種類型。以數值模擬探討其統計行為表現,最後提供這兩個可修理系統效能之比較分析。
In this thesis, we study the statistical inference of two availability systems with warm standby components and imperfect coverage. The time-to-failure and time-to-repair of the active and standby components are assumed to be exponential and general distribution, respectively. Assume that the coverage factor is the same for an active-component failure as that for a standby-component failure. Firstly, we propose two consistent and asymptotically normal (CAN) estimators of availability for the two systems, respectively. Based on the CAN estimators of the two availability systems, interval estimation and testing (hypothesis) are performed. To implement the numerical simulation for two availability configurations, we adopt two repair-time distributions, such as lognormal and Weibull distribution. In addition, all simulation results are displayed by appropriate curves for understanding performance of the statistical inference procedures presented in this paper. Finally, numerical comparisons on statistical behaviors for two configurations are drawn.
其他識別: U0005-1906200819044200
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