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12003(Transportation Quarterly,32(2):199-218)Risk Analysis Model for Transportation Partnering in Supply Chain Management蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; Ming-Chih Tsai; Chih-Hong Tsao; Chieh-Min Kang; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
22007(Industrial Marketing Management,36:617-626)Demand choice of high-tech industry for logistics service providers蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; Ming-Chih Tsai; Chieh Hwa Wen; Chiang-Shin Chen; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
32010A Marketing Paradigm for Successful Lean ImplementationRapinder Sawhney; Tzong-Ru Lee; Hsiao-Chen Wu; Shiou-Yu Chen; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
42010Supply Chain Management With Marketing-Oriented Concept--Using Optimization and Simulation TechnologyTzong-Ru Lee; Chung-Chieh Wu; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
52000風險管理在大眾運輸安全管理及管制應用之研究蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; 蔡明志; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
62008(Electronic Government:An International Journal,05(1):063-070)Agriculturcal E-Government in China,Korea,Taiwan and USATzong-Ru Lee; Hsiao-Chen Wu; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
72008(Int. J. Management and Enterprise Development,05(3):356-369)The Corresponding strategic marketing mix to the relationships between national culture and consumer valueShiou-Yu Chen; Tzong-Ru Lee; 國立中興大學行銷學系
82008(International Journal,13(6):415-424)Risk perception on logistics outsourcing in retail chains- model development and empirical verification in Taiwan,Supply Chain Management蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; Ming-Chih Tsai; Chun-Hwa Liao; 國立中興大學行銷學系
92005以消費者的觀點來進行農産品網路商店功能之分析李宗儒; 鐘秀欣; 劉曼貞; 陳麒文; 國立中興大學行銷學系
10Jul-2008探討休閒農場之長宿休閒的關鍵成功因素─以日本民眾為分析對象李宗儒; 蘇湘婷; 林正仁; 國立中興大學行銷學系
112010Analyzing SCM on KSF for the Development of Original Brand Manufacturing--A Case Study of the Sewing Machine Industry in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Tsung-Yu Tuan; Man-Chen Liu; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
12Mar-2008(2007年台灣物流年鑑,p373-p394)C2C物流服務需求特點及其新運作模式李宗儒; 許閔智; 國立中興大學行銷學系
132006(International Journal of Value Chain Management,01(2):159-174)Development of an Information System to Integrate the Manufacturing Firm and Its Supplier Base for Reduced Nonconforming PartsAbhishek Padiyar; Rapinder Sawhney; Tzong-Ru Lee; S. C. Lenny Koh; 國立中興大學行銷學系
142009(International Journal of Value Chain Management (IJVCM),03(3):241-262)Enhancing The Value of Innovative Development Community Through Virtual Community PerspectiveJiun-Hung Lin; Tzong-Ru Lee; Ching-Ya Hu; 國立中興大學行銷學系
152007(Int. J. of Logistics Systems and Management,03(2):235-251)Milk Supply Chain Management in the Tier of Retailers and Customers-a Comparison Between Taiwan and GermanyTzong-Ru Lee; Shiou-Yu Chen; Johannes Simons; 國立中興大學行銷學系
162006(special issue of the International Journal of Service Technology and Management(IJSTM),07(3):284-296)Comparing Usage of Mobile Commerce in Taiwan,USA and GermanyTzong-Ru Lee; Jan-Mou Lee; Jahannes Simons; Chia-Hsiu Sophie Lee; 國立中興大學行銷學系
172008(Transportation,35(1):129-144)Assessing Asymmetric Response Effect of Behavioral Intention to Service Quality in an Integrated Psychological Decision Making Process Model of Intercity Bus Passengers:a case of TaiwanJiun-Hung Lin; Tzong-Ru Lee; William Jen; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
18Apr-2008(豐年半月刊第58卷第8期,p055-p059)網路行銷˙商機無限─線上合購與部落格在台灣水果的創新應用(下)李宗儒; 陳英慶; 林正仁; 林千惠; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
19Jan-2008(台灣鹿業第04期,p021-p024)免費網"鹿"趴趴走--利用免費網路資源讓養鹿業者行銷鹿產品通行無阻李宗儒; 李佳珊; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
202010New perspective on competition--driving dynamic learning competitive capabilityTzong-Ru Lee; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
21Dec-2007(台灣鹿業第04期,p004-p006)科學化管理的旺旺鹿場李宗儒; 陳建瑋; 陳姵瑜; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
222007(Special Issue of the International Journal of Services and Operations Management,03(2):227-244)Milk Supply Chain and Development StrategyTzong-Ru Lee; Huei-Ling Huang; Bin-Weng Huang; Shiou-Yu Chen; 國立中興大學行銷學系
232009(International Journal of Enterprise Network Management,03(1):073-092)Improvement of Service Quality of Recreational Fish Market: Case study of Youg-An Fish Market in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Shuchih Chang; Ching-Yu Huang; Hsiao-Chen Wu; 國立中興大學行銷學系
242002(經建會經社法制論叢第29卷第1期,p087-p110)運用風險管理簡化海關國際貨物流通監控作業設計-以貨櫃集散站業者自主管理為例蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; 蔡明志; 簡良機; 陳柏生; 國立中興大學行銷學系
252006(Transportation Research,Part-A,40(6):526-536)Constructing a logistics tracking system for preventing smuggling risk of transit containers蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; Ming-Chih Tsai; 國立中興大學行銷學系
262004(Accident Analysis and Prevention,36:683-690)Scenario Analysis of Major Freight Vehicle Accident Risks in Taiwan蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; Ming-Chih Tsai; Chieh-Chih Su; 國立中興大學行銷學系
27Apr-2008(豐年半月刊第58卷第7期,p054-p057)網路行銷˙商機無限─線上合購與部落格在台灣水果的創新應用(上)李宗儒; 陳英慶; 林正仁; 林千惠; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
282008(International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management,38(8):616-636)A Comparative Assessment of Domestic and International Supplier-Customer Relationship PerceptionsLloyd M Rinehart; Tzong-Ru Lee; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
292004(Journal of Technology Management,09(1):035-056)To Discuss the Airline Service Quality in Taiwan by Applying the Quality Function DevelopmentTzong-Ru Lee; Ya-Chuan Lin; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
302005(Marine Policy,29(4):291-298)Government Performance Assessments on the Developments of Six East-Asia Container Ports -- Carriers' Viewpoints蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; Ming-Chih Tsai; Chin-Hui Su; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
312006(Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,05(2):105-116)Key Factor in Forming an E-Marketplace: an Empirical AnalysisTzong-Ru Lee; Jan-Mou Lee; 國立中興大學行銷學系-
32Apr-2011Generalized linear interactive model for market segmentation: The air freight marketTsai, Ming-Chih; Tsai, Yi-Ting; Lien, Ching-Wei; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Marketing; 國立中興大學行銷學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
33Jan-2011Validation for the Diversity of Usage in M-Commerce among Countries by ICOMPLi, Jan-Mou; Hsieh, Shang-Hsing; Lee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); National Chung Hsing University,Department of Marketing; 國立中興大學行銷學系; Miao-zhen Luo
342011Measuring the innovation ability of Taiwan's food industry using DEAAgnieszka, M.Dadura; Lee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); National Chung Hsing University,Department of Marketing; 國立中興大學行銷學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
352006(International Journal of Enterprise Network Management(IJENM),01(1):041-061)Application of the System Thinking Approach in ERP Implementation for Flower Chain-stores Owned by a Taiwanese Enterprise in ChinaTzong-Ru Lee; Jia-Chang Hu; Zhan-Mou Lee; 國立中興大學行銷學系
362009(International Journal of Services and Operations Management,05(5):617-636)COG:Composite Genetic Algorithm with Local Search Methods to solve mixed vehicle routing problem with backhauls-Application for Public Health Care SystemS. P. Anbuudayasankar; K. Ganesh; Tzong-Ru Lee; K. Mohabdas; 國立中興大學行銷學系
372002(Journal of Air Transport Management,08(6):373-380)Political Risk Assessment on Air Logistics Hub Developments in Taiwan蔡明志; Ming Chih Tsai; Ming-Chih Tsai; Yin-So Su; 國立中興大學行銷學系
382005(交大管理學報第25卷第2期,p089-p108)以區域整合規劃設立產地生鮮蔬果農產品集運中心李宗儒; 陳泰宏; 楊淑惠; 國立中興大學行銷學系
39Jun-2008(中小企業發展季刊第08期,p001-p029)利用五流五管之交叉矩陣來探討台灣與大陸家電之不同-以台灣A企業與大陸B企業為例李宗儒; 吳曉晨; 國立中興大學行銷學系
402008(International Journal of Value Chain Management,02(2):269-285)Analyzing the Competitive Advantage for the Operating Model of Phalaenopsis Aphrodite Industry in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Jiun-Hung Lin; Be-You Din; S.C. Lenny Koh; Hui-Chuan Chen; 國立中興大學行銷學系
412007(Int. J. Services and Operations Management,03(1):095-110)Using Optimization and simulation technology to apply marketing-Oriented concept for managing a supply chainTzong-Ru Lee; Chung-Chieh Wu; 國立中興大學行銷學系
422007(Special issue on waste minimization in supply chain of the International Journal of Global Environmental Issues(IJGENVI),07(1):025-052)An Investigation of Perception Gap of Reverse Logistics Service Quality:the Case of Mobile Phone IndustryTzong-Ru Lee; Hsiu-Yu Chang; Shiou-Yu Chen; 國立中興大學行銷學系
432007(International Journal of Value Chain Management,01(3):266-280)Strategising Customer Voice-Based Quality Improvement for Logistics Service ProvidersTzong-Ru Lee; Jiun-Hung Lin; 國立中興大學行銷學系
442008(International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development,05(3):356-369)The Corresponding Strategic Marketing Mix to the Relationships between National Culture and Consumer ValueShiou-Yu Chen; Tzong-Ru Lee; 國立中興大學行銷學系
452009(International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC),07(1):117-132)Adoption of Mobile Location-Based Services with ZMETTzong-Ru Lee; Shiou-Yu Chen; Shiau-Ting Wang; Shuchih Ernest Chang; 國立中興大學行銷學系
46Mar-2008(創業管理研究第03卷第1期,p001-p018)應用灰關聯分析法探討創新育成中心經理人之需求與支援中心平台功能之內容李宗儒; 林柏吟; 賴亭伶; 國立中興大學行銷學系
472010Application of TRIZ and Kano Method to Home Life Industry InnovationHui-Chuan Chen; Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen) Lee; Hsin-Yi Lin; Hsiao-Chen Wu; 國立中興大學行銷學系
48Mar-2011臺鐵乘客服務價值、滿意度、移轉障礙與行為意向之研究蔡明志; Tsai, Ming-Chih; 李光欽; 張峰菘; 吳庭瑩; Lee, Kuo-Chih; Chang, Feng-Sung; Wu, Ting-Ying; 國立中興大學行銷學系; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Marketing; Miao-zhen Luo
49Nov-2011Level of abstraction and feelings of presence in virtual space: Business English negotiation in Open WonderlandJudy, F.Chen; Clyde, A.Warden; Tai, David Wen-Shung; Chen, Farn-Shing; Chao, Chich-Yang; National Chung Hsing University,Department of Marketing; 國立中興大學行銷學系; Miao-zhen Luo-
502008(Int. J. Management and Decision Making,09(2):154-162)The Application of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process for Supply Chain Decision Making: A Case Study of Original Brand Manufacturing of the Sewing Machine Industry in TaiwanTzong-Ru Lee; Tsung-Yu Tuan; Man-Chen Liu; 國立中興大學行銷學系
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