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標題: 時間性物件導向資料庫與其在緊急回應服務系統之應用
Temporal Object-Oriented Database with Application to Emergency Response Service System
作者: 高國峰
Kao, Kuo-Fong
關鍵字: temporal
object-oriented database
Emergency Response Services System
出版社: 應用數學研究所
摘要: 近代電話網路普及,緊急事件多是透過電話通報。因此,緊急回應系統( Emergency Response System)越是能提供及時完整的相關資訊,公共安全 回應機構(Public Safety Answering Point)越是能做適當的處理。而時 間性物件導向資料庫(Temporal Object Oriented Database)能夠記錄依 時間變動的相關資料,可說是緊急回應系統資料庫最適當的選擇。我們將 以物件導向的技術作緊急回應系統的分析模擬,及時間性物件資料庫的設 計。首先,我們將實做一個時間性物件的類別(Temporal Object Class) 。任何繼承自此類別的物件,都可以做各種與時間相關的運算。此外我們 亦針對時間性的物件討論了索引(Index)的演算法,包括:B+ tree 及 Nested B+ tree的作法及其優缺點,並比較了其複雜度(Complexity)的差 異。其次,在我們設計的緊急回應系統模型上,針對話務量做了一些模擬 與分析。包括:連線成功率(Connection Rate),成功撥通一通電話的平 均等待時間(Waiting time with retry),電話線使用比例(Erlang)等。 以對緊急回應系統通話的效率作一評估。
In modern society , the emergency case are always reported through telephone network . Hence , the more complete and fast information the Emergency Response System (ERS) can support, the more apposite response the operators in Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) can do for the caller . The temporal object oriented database can store all data changed over time , and could be a good choice for the ERS database . In this thesis , we shall analyze and simulate the ERS system and design a temporal database using object oriented method . First , we will implement a temporal object class such that all other classes which inherit this temporal class could do all temporal operations on database . Besides , we propose a new indexing algorithms for temporal objects using nested B+ tree . We also compare the complexity of indexing algorithms using B+ tree and nested B+ tree . Second , we do some simulation on our ERS model and analyze the amount of ERS calls . The analysis includes the connection rate , the waiting time with retry , and the erlang . Those results will be helpful to evaluate the efficiency of ERS system .
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