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標題: 植基於參考模式的一種動態視窗流量控制方法
A Dynamic Window Flow Control Scheme Based on Reference Model
作者: 蔡滄元
Tsay, Tsang-Yuan
關鍵字: TCP/IP
round trip time
reference model element
出版社: 應用數學研究所
摘要: 在4.3BSD系統上,TCP Tahoe擁塞控制演算法有效改善Internet的擁塞現 象,因此成為Internet擁塞控制的標準。近年來,有不少有關TCP Tahoe 演算法的模擬分析,發現TCP Tahoe有著很明顯的週期性震盪,包括視窗 長度,來回旅行時間及計時器中斷。而週期性計時器中斷不單導致震盪外 ,整體的產能也會降低。這對以產能需求的TCP Tahoe演算法而言,是一 項重大的缺點。在本篇論文中,我們嘗試收集訊息來回旅行時間(round trip time, rtt),建立一個參考模式(reference model),讓視窗調整有 一定依據,充分反應目前網路擁塞的狀況,以減少計時器中斷現象,並提 升整體產能,維持良好的網路傳輸效率。
The TCP Tahoe congestion control algorithm embedded in the 4.3BSD implementation has dramatically improved congestion control over the Internet. Furthermore, it is now considered as the standard Internet flow control algorithm. However, several recent simulation studies on the dynamics of this algorithm has revealed that the algorithm exhibits clear oscillatory patterns in sending window size, round trip time and periodic timeout, which leads to high magnitude of oscillation and the performance decreases. In this paper, we collect the message, round trip time, to set up a reference model. The adjustment of the window size is based on the reference model. Then, we can eliminate the periodic timeout to reduce the magnitude of the oscillation and improve the performance.
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