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標題: 含有會調整工作效率之M/M/R的機器修理問題之成本分析
Cost Analysis of the M/M/R Machine Repair Problem with Multiple Working Vacations
作者: 陳詩嘉
Chen, Shi Jia
關鍵字: cost
working vacation
transition rate matrix
direct search method
Newton-Quasi method
出版社: 應用數學系所
摘要: In this thesis, we study the M/M/R machine repair problem with working vacation which the servers work with slower repair rate rather than completely terminates repair during a vacation period. We assume that the servers begin a working vacation when they are free of work. The breakdown times, repair times and vacation times are all assumed to be exponentially distributed. We construct the transition rate matrix Q to compute steady-state probabilities and system performance measures by matrix analytic method. A cost model is derived to determine the optimal values of the number of servers and two different repair rates under some constraints. Two methods: Direct search method and Newton-Quasi method are used sequentially to find the minimal total expected cost value within a certain availability level. Some numerical examples are provided to explain the Newton-Quasi method.
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