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12004An efficient and flexible algorithm for online mining of large itemsetsJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Chang, M.Y.; Lin, K.C.-
22009System supports for protocol and application adaptation in vertical handoffsChang, H.P.; 張軒彬; Lin, Y.C.; Chen, S.H.-
31998d-minimal languagesYu, S.S.; 喻石生-
41998Bi-catenation and shuffle product of languagesShyr, H.J.; 喻石生; Yu, S.S.-
51998d-Words and d-languagesFan, C.M.; 喻石生; Shyr, H.J.; Yu, S.S.-
62009Reversible fragile watermarking scheme for three-dimensional modelsWang, J.T.; 喻石生; Wang, P.C.; Yu, S.S.-
72006A high concurrency XPath-based locking protocol for XML databasesJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Chen, S.Y.-
82009Discovering frequent itemsets over transactional data streams through an efficient and stable approximate approachJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Li, C.W.-
92005Dependences related to strict binary relationsHsiao, H.K.; 喻石生; Yeh, Y.T.; Yu, S.S.-
102001Post-plus languagesYu, S.S.; 喻石生-
112006Statistical Behavior analysis of smoothing methods for language models of mandarin data setsYu, M.S.; 余明興; Huang, F.L.; Tsai, P.Y.-
122008On generating meaningful shares in visual secret sharing schemeTsai, D.S.; 洪國寶; Chen, T.; Horng, G.-
132003Square-free-preserving and primitive-preserving homomorphismsHsiao, H.K.; 喻石生; Yeh, Y.T.; Yu, S.S.-
142006A data hiding algorithm for point-sampled geometryCheng, Y.M.; 王宗銘; Wang, C.M.; Tsai, Y.Y.-
151998An optimal parallel algorithm for node ranking of cographsLiu, C.M.; 余明興; Yu, M.S.-
162010The decodability and correctability of codesHsiao, H.K.; 喻石生; Lin, H.H.; Yu, S.S.-
172008Discovering frequent itemsets by support approximation and itemset clusteringJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Chang, M.Y.-
182005A publicly verifiable copyright-proving scheme resistant to malicious attacksChen, T.H.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.B.; Lee, W.B.-
192007Test data compression for minimum test application timeTsai, P.C.; 王行健; Wang, S.J.; Lin, C.H.-
202007Further refinement of pairing computation based on Miller's algorithmLiu, C.L.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.; Chen, T.Y.-
212007GSR: A global seek-optimizing real-time disk-scheduling algorithmChang, H.P.; 張軒彬; Chang, R.I.; Shih, W.K.; Chang, R.C.-
222006Performance improvement for the GGM-construction of pseudorandom functionsChen, Y.S.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.; Liu, C.L.-
232004Security analysis of a threshold access control scheme based on smart cardsHorng, G.; 洪國寶; Liu, C.L.; Hwang, Y.T.-
241998A characterization of local regular languagesYu, S.S.; 喻石生-
252010Is RTS/CTS Mechanism Effective for WLANs?Deng, D.J.; 黃德成; Chang, L.W.; Wang, H.W.; Huang, D.C.; Huang, Y.M.-
262011An Intelligent Military Scenario Development Platform Based on Cloud ComputingHsu, I.C.; 黃德成; Tzeng, Y.K.; Huang, D.C.-
271998An efficient Mandarin text-to-speech system on time domainLin, Y.J.; 余明興; Yu, M.S.-
282010A Layered Approach to the Polysemy Problems in a Chinese to Taiwanese TTS SystemLin, Y.J.; 余明興; Yu, M.S.; Lin, C.Y.; Lin, Y.C.-
292005Remarks on some signature schemes based on factoring and discrete logarithmsChen, T.H.; 洪國寶; Lee, W.B.; Horng, G.-
301998Optimal algorithms for interval graphsWang, Y.L.; 余明興; Chiang, K.C.; Yu, M.S.-
311998An active attack on protocols for server-aided RSA signature computationHorng, G.; 洪國寶-
322005An anonymous buyer-reseller watermarking protocolChen, T.H.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.; Tsai, D.-
331998Weakness in the Helsinki protocolHorng, G.; 洪國寶; Hsu, C.K.-
342009Alpha-gamma equalization-enhanced hand radiographic image segmentation schemeLin, H.H.; 喻石生; Shu, S.G.; Kuo, S.W.; Wang, C.H.; Chan, Y.P.; Yu, S.S.-
352009OWL-L: An OWL-based language for Web resources linksHsu, I.C.; 黃德成; Tzeng, Y.K.; Huang, D.C.-
362008A linearly convergent method for broadcast data allocationJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Wang, J.Y.; Chen, S.Y.-
372005An efficient solid angle sampling technique using bounding volume approachWang, C.M.; 王宗銘; Tsai, Y.Y.; Chang, C.H.-
382009A Fast VQ Codebook Generation Algorithm Based on Otsu Histogram ThresholdHuang, C.C.; 洪國寶; Tsai, D.S.; Horng, G.-
392009A novel secret image sharing scheme for true-color images with size constraintTsai, D.S.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.; Chen, T.H.; Huang, Y.T.-
402006Cheating in visual cryptographyHorng, G.; 洪國寶; Chen, T.; Tsai, D.-
412007A secure YS-like user authentication schemeChen, T.H.; 洪國寶; Horng, G.; Wu, K.C.-
422001Secret sharing schemes with cheating detectionHorng, G.; 洪國寶-
432004Ellipse sampling for Monte Carlo applicationsWang, C.M.; 王宗銘; Hwang, N.C.; Tsai, Y.Y.; Chang, C.H.-
442011Impact of Different Thresholds on SSB AlgorithmChen, Y.S.; 黃德成; Wong, Y.S.; Deng, D.J.; Huang, D.C.-
452011Improved Markov predictor in wireless networksYuan, Y.; 黃德成; Huang, L.; Tang, Y.; Deng, D.J.; Huang, D.C.-
462000Testability improvement by branch point control for conditional statements with multiple branchesWang, S.J.; 王行健; Lien, C.C.-
482010Don't-Care Gating (DCG) TCAM Design Used in Network Routing TableChang, Y.J.; 張延任-
492007Two new techniques integrated for energy-efficient TLB designChang, Y.J.; 張延任; Lan, M.F.-
502009A High-Performance and Energy-Efficient TCAM Design for IP-Address LookupChang, Y.J.; 張延任-
Results 1-50 of 335 (Search time: 0.026 seconds).