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12009Quantification of Airborne Influenza and Avian Influenza Virus in a Wet Poultry Market using a Filter/Real-time qPCR MethodChen, P.S.; 吳俊霖; Lin, C.K.; Tsai, F.T.; Yang, C.Y.; Lee, C.H.; Liao, Y.S.; Yeh, C.Y.; King, C.C.; Wu, J.L.; Wang, Y.C.; Lin, K.H.-
22010Modeling the impact of climate variability on diarrhea-associated diseases in Taiwan (1996-2007)Chou, W.C.; 吳俊霖; Wu, J.L.; Wang, Y.C.; Huang, H.; Sung, F.C.; Chuang, C.Y.-
32010Packet Classification with Hierarchical Cross-ProductingLee, C.L.; 王丕中; Chan, C.T.; Wang, P.C.-
42010Performance Improvement of Packet Classification for Enabling Differentiated ServicesWang, P.C.; 王丕中-
52009A hybrid genetic local search algorithm for the permutation flowshop scheduling problemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Lin, Y.T.-
62011Design and Implementation of an Anycast Services Discovery in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksChen, S.K.; 王丕中; Wang, P.C.-
72010An Anycast-Based Emergency Service for Healthcare Wireless Sensor NetworksChen, S.K.; 王丕中; Wang, P.C.-
82011Temporal Color Consistency-Based Video Reproduction for DichromatsHuang, C.R.; 黃春融; Chiu, K.C.; Chen, C.S.-
92009An early fault diagnosis agreement under hybrid fault modelChiang, M.L.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Tseng, L.Y.-
102010Distributed Location Service with Spatial Awareness for Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksChen, S.K.; 王丕中; Chen, T.Y.; Wang, P.C.-
112008Circular polarization square-slot antenna for dual-band operationTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Han, T.Y.-
122009Two-Phase Genetic Local Search Algorithm for the Multimode Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling ProblemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Chen, S.C.-
132010A hybrid genetic algorithm for no-wait flowshop scheduling problemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Lin, Y.T.-
142010DBCP: a web server for disulfide bonding connectivity pattern prediction without the prior knowledge of the bonding state of cysteinesLin, H.H.; 曾怜玉; Tseng, L.Y.-
152001Smooth side-match classified vector quantizer with variable block sizeYang, S.B.; 曾怜玉; Tseng, L.Y.-
162008The incremental agreementChiang, M.L.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Tseng, L.Y.-
182008Microstrip-fed circular slot antenna for circular polarizationTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Han, T.Y.-
192010A genetic local search algorithm for minimizing total flowtime in the permutation flowshop scheduling problemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Lin, Y.T.-
202009A fuzzy-based Power-aware management for mobile ad hoc networksYan, K.Q.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Chiang, M.L.; Tseng, L.Y.-
212009Color-Texture-Based Image Retrieval System Using Gaussian Markov Random Field ModelTsai, M.H.; 吳俊霖; Chan, Y.K.; Wang, J.S.; Guo, S.W.; Wu, J.L.; 蔡孟勳; 詹永寬-
222010The anatomy study of consensus agreement in MANETsChiang, M.L.; 曾怜玉; Wang, S.C.; Tseng, L.Y.-
232008Unidirectional circularly-polarized slot antennas with broadband operationHan, T.Y.; 曾怜玉; Chu, Y.Y.; Tseng, L.Y.; Row, J.S.-
242009Efficient Packet Classification with a Hybrid AlgorithmWang, P.C.; 王丕中-
252010A New Iterated Local Search Algorithm for Solving Broadcast Scheduling Problems in Packet Radio NetworksLin, C.C.; 王丕中; Wang, P.C.-
262006The impact of climate change on gastrointestinal diseases in TaiwanChang, C.C.; 吳俊霖; Wang, Y.C.; Wu, J.L.; Liu, C.M.; Sung, F.C.; Huang, Y.L.; Lin, W.Y.; Chuang, C.Y.-
271998Recognition and data extraction of form documents based on three types of line segmentsTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Chen, R.C.-
281998Segmenting handwritten Chinese characters based on heuristic merging of stroke bounding boxes and dynamic programmingTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Chen, R.C.-
292001A genetic approach to the automatic clustering problemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Yang, S.B.-
302000Smooth side-match and smooth overlap-match vector quantizers for image codingYang, S.B.; 曾怜玉; Tseng, L.Y.-
312000A genetic clustering algorithm for data with non-spherical-shape clustersTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Yang, S.B.-
322007NTMG (N-terminal Truncated Mutants Generator for cDNA): an automatic multiplex PCR assays design for generating various N-terminal truncated cDNA mutantsChen, Y.F.; 曾怜玉; Chen, R.C.; Tseng, L.Y.; Lin, E.; Chan, Y.K.; Pan, R.H.; 詹永寬-
332010An Evolutionary Design Method Using Genetic Local Search Algorithm to Obtain Broad/Dual-Band Characteristics for Circular Polarization Slot AntennasTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Han, T.Y.-
342006A hybrid metaheuristic for the quadratic assignment problemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Liang, S.C.-
352006A hybrid metaheuristic for the resource-constrained project scheduling problemTseng, L.Y.; 曾怜玉; Chen, S.C.-
362006Scalable packet classification for enabling Internet differentiated servicesWang, P.C.; 王丕中; Chan, C.T.; Lee, C.L.; Chang, H.Y.-
372007Performance improvement of two-dimensional packet classification by filter rephrasingWang, P.C.; 王丕中; Lee, C.L.; Chan, C.T.; Chang, H.Y.-
382010Scalable packet classification using a compound algorithmWang, P.C.; 王丕中-
392009Scalable packet classification with controlled cross-productingWang, P.C.; 王丕中-
402010Routing Table Compaction for TCAM-Based IP Address LookupWang, P.C.; 王丕中; Fang, Y.T.; Huang, T.C.-
412007Scalable packet classification by TCAM entry encryption algorithmLee, C.L.; 王丕中; Wang, P.C.-
422010Scalable Packet Classification with Hash TablesWang, P.C.; 王丕中-
432009Robust image watermarking against local geometric attacks using multiscale block matching methodLai, C.H.; 吳俊霖; Wu, J.L.-
442007Temporal texture synthesis by patch-based sampling and morphing interpolationLai, C.H.; 吳俊霖; Wu, J.L.-
452009A wavelet operational method for solving fractional partial differential equations numericallyWu, J.L.; 吳俊霖-
Results 1-45 of 45 (Search time: 0.07 seconds).
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