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標題: 以CPU排程增強預取與暫存的能源省電方法
CPU Scheduling Enhanced Energy Efficient Prefetching and Caching
作者: 陳序豪
Chen, Hsu-Hao
關鍵字: caching
energy efficient
出版社: 資訊科學系所
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摘要: 隨著資訊技術的進步,帶動可攜式智慧型電子商品的蓬勃發展,且有越來越多的商品都配有硬碟儲存裝置,讓使用者可以随時随地聆聽成千上萬首音樂、看電影或攝影等等,因此,我們需要一套有效硬碟電源管理機制,提高硬碟閒置時間,達到省電目的,進而提昇可攜式裝置的使用時間。本篇論文以預取與暫存能源管理機制為基礎,並針對系統記憶體高負載不足時所會發生的省電效能低落問題,提出利用行程排程方式進一步去改善省電效率,再針對實作流程提出改善,以達最小化程式修改。
Following the progress of technology, more and more portable intelligent products configure with hard disk. With this advantage, user can listen to thousands of music, see the movies or telegraph and so on. Therefore, we need a set of efficient power management to rise idle time of hard disk and promote portable device which can efficiently prefetching and caching energy. This thesis is based on prefeching and caching energy efficiently and aimed at high memory which can reduce saving energy. Thus, we would propose process schedule to improve energy efficiently and we would minimize the programming following the experiment.
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