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標題: 適用於搜尋加密文件之有效率關鍵字索引架構
An Efficient Keyword Index Scheme for Encrypted Documents
作者: 林宜正
Lin, Yi-Jheng
關鍵字: Index
Encrypted Keyword Search
Hash Function
Pseudorandom Permutation
Pseudorandom Generator
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 關鍵字索引(Keyword Index)搜尋為一種加速文件關鍵字搜尋的一種架構,但是隨著文件的安全性越來越受到重視,文件開始以加密的型態儲存於資料庫,但是目前的索引架構並沒有針對加密文件作考量,也因此索引有可能會透露出文件的相關資訊,造成安全上的問題。本文提出了為加密文件設計的索引搜尋架構(PRP-Index, P-Index),即使加密的文件資料及索引儲存於不被信任的伺服器端(Server)上,也不會有安全上的疑慮;另一個特點是索引架構不會影響文件的加密方式,讓使用者可以依據各種需求來使用不同的加密技術,使加密更有彈性。本論文主要貢獻為在保有索引搜尋效率下,明顯減少索引空間之使用、降低搜尋錯誤率及達成加密搜尋的隱私要求。
Keyword index is a data structure that allows us to search in constant time for documents containing specified keywords. Unfortunately, standard index constructions are not designed for encrypted documents, because they may leak some information about the document. In this thesis, we propose two index structures called PRP-Index and P-Index which are designed for encrypted documents. Even if these encrypted documents and their indexes are stored on an untrusted server, there are no security problems. Another characteristic is that the index structures and the document's encryption techniques are independent. User can choose any encryption technique they want to use for their different kind of requirements. The advantages of our schemes include less space usage, lower false positive rate, and high privacy.
其他識別: U0005-0807200815442500
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