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標題: 在電信乙太網路中提供高可用性及動態頻寬調整的Triple-play服務
Providing High Availability and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation for Triple-play Services over Carrier Ethernet
作者: 鄭昆樺
Cheng, Kun-Hua
關鍵字: Triple-play
Carrier Ethernet
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 隨著Triple-play服務的逐漸成熟,如何提供一個具備穩定傳輸品質的服務網路架構,是電信業者一直努力研究的課題。在本文中,我們提出一個在電信乙太網路(Carrier Ethernet)下,具備頻寬管理及高網路可用性的Triple-play服務網路架構。在此架構中,我們將匯集在一條實體乙太網路線路的語音、視訊與數據三種不同服務,利用VLAN(Virtual LAN)的技術將各服務虛擬隔離,由於單純的IEEE 802.1p環境無法滿足Triple-play的品質要求,我們提出一套監控管理機制,透過PDR動態調整各服務的限速,讓使用者未使用的閒置頻寬得以有效利用,並且讓各項服務品質獲得保證。為了提高網路的可用性,我們在PDR的上鏈電路(uplink)中導入MC-LAG(Multi-Chassis LAG)機制,用來避免單一節點失效的問題。此外經由多條VPLS(Virtual Private LAN Service)虛擬電路的建立,結合乙太網路OAM機制中的BFD(Bidirectional Forwarding Detection)機制,快速發現骨幹網路發生中斷處,透過node-level及pw-level(pseudowire-level)雙重保護進而達到快速回復網路的功能。 從實驗中,我們發現在電信乙太網路環境中,PDR使用靜態路由協定傳送至服務網路,只有在相鄰設備發生障礙時才會發現電路中斷,因此我們使用node-level的保護機制讓中斷時間達到最小。若是網路中的某節點發生問題則node-level將無法發生作用。因此我們嘗試使用動態路由協定偵測網路發生中斷,在IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol) 實驗架構下,首先以RIP路由協定進行偵測實驗,結果顯示需要180秒左右才能發現網路中斷。接著改以OSPF路由協定進行偵測實驗,結果進步到約30秒左右就能發現網路中斷。由於RIP及OSPF的收斂時間還是無法達到快速回復的要求。最後我們採用靜態路由結合BFD定期偵測方式,實驗結果顯示透過BFD偵測只要1秒就可以發現網路中斷進而切換至備援路由。此外為驗證本研究提出之node-level保護機制,實際模擬單一node故障失效後,經由MC-LAG機制只要2秒就可將訊務移轉至另一個網路節點,因此不易造成服務的中斷。經由各項實驗證明本研究所提出的架構確實具有可行性。本文提出在電信以太網路中以VLAN方式匯集提供Triple-play服務,利用乙太網路方式接取,存在比目前常見的DSL方式接取的優勢,例如有效改善最大電路頻寬的限制。此外,本文提出之PDR具有維持服務品質、動態頻寬調整及提供高可用性網路等多重功能,使其在電信乙太網路上提供穩定有效益的Triple-play服務。
Typically, voice, video, and data are named the triple-play services. With the rapid growth of triple-play services, how to construct a service network architecture with stable transmission quality is an urgent research topic. In this thesis, a triple-play service network architecture with dynamic bandwidth management and high network availability over Carrier Ethernet is proposed. The proposed architecture consists of access networks and the IP/MPLS core network. In the access network, the traffics of triple-play services in the same truck are virtually isolated using Virtual LAN (VLAN) technology. To efficiently use the network bandwidth, a monitoring and control mechanism using policy decision router (PDR) to dynamically adjust the bandwidth allocation for each service is adopted. For improving the network availability, Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MC-LAG) mechanism is introduced in the uplink route of PDR to prevent the disconnection problem due to a single node failure. In addition, by setting up multiple VPLSs (Virtual Private LAN Services) in the IP/MPLS core network and equipping with bidirectional forwarding detection (BFD) mechanism, we are able to promptly discover the network disconnection. And, through the application of both node-level and pw-level (pseudowire-level) protection schemes, a fast network recovery can be provided. To verify the applicability of proposed architecture, several experiments were conducted. Since the discovery of route disconnection in the IP/MPLS core network is not a trivial task and takes time, various routing mechanisms were tested. For instances, RIP needs 180 seconds and OSPF needs 30 seconds to discover a network disconnection. A detection mechanism is developed by combining static routing protocol and Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) mechanism. With this mechanism, a disconnection in the IP/MPLS core network could be found in one second. Besides, through the MC-LAG mechanism, the traffic could be redirected from inactive node to the standby node in two seconds. The simulation results show the proposed architecture is suitable for triple-play services.
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