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標題: 具有預判機制的硬碟管理省電方法
A Prediction-based Power-aware Disk Management Scheme
作者: 蔡明雄
Tsai, Ming-Hsiung
關鍵字: power saving
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
引用: [1] 盧慶達, “基於預取與暫存技術上的硬碟工作排程省電方法”, 中興大學資訊科學系碩士論文,2005. [2] 陳序豪, “以CPU排程增強預取與暫存的能源省電方法”, 中興大學資訊科學系碩士論文,2007. [3] Daniel P.Bovet, Marco Cesati, “Linux核心詳解”,O’Reilly出版,中文版第3版,pp.635-644,680-692,706-710 [4] Athanasios E. Papathanasiou and Michael L. Scott, “Energy Efficient Prefetching and. Caching”, in Proc. the USENIX 2004 Annual Technical Conference, pp. 255–268,June,2004 [5] Douglis F, Krishnan P, Bershad B. “Adaptive disk spin-down policies for mobile computers.”, in Proceedings of the 2nd Symposium on Mobile and Location-Independent Computing,pp.121-137,1995 [6] Enrique V. Carrera,Eduardo Pinheiro,Ricardo Bianchini, “Conserving disk energy in network servers”, in Proceedings of the 17th annual international conference on Supercomputing, pp.86-97,2003 [7] Eui-Young Chung ,Luca Benini ,Giovanni De Micheli ,“Dynamic power management using adaptive learning tree”, in Proceedings of the 1999 IEEE/ACM international conference on Computer-aided design,pp.274-279,1999 [8] Feng Chen, Song Jiang, Xiaodong Zhang, “SmartSaver: turning flash drive into a disk energy saver for mobile computers”, in Proceedings of the 2006 international symposium on Low power electronics and design,2006 [9] Le Cai,Yung-Hsiang Lu, “Dynamic Power Management Using Data Buffers”, in Proceedings of the conference on Design, automation and test in Europe,pp.526-531,2004 [10] William F. Klostermeyer ,Kankanahalli Srinivas, “Reducing disk power consumption in a portable computer”, ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review,Volume 29,Issue 2,pp.27-32,1995 [11] Seagate SV35.2 ULTRA ATA/100 specification [12] Toshiba MK1237GSX specification [13] WD Green Power Technology, [14] WD 5000AAKB specification [15] Intel ''Braidwood'' chip targets snappier software
摘要: 硬碟省電功能,對於移動式電腦而言,是影響其使用時間的重要關鍵,在這篇論文中,提出修改linux作業系統,藉由新增監控與分析機制,並變更作業系統核心的讀寫操作模式。在讀取方面,透過修改預先讀取(readahead)的系統核心函式,致使系統在讀取資料方面,可以更有效率。在寫入方面,透過提高資料寫回的門檻,減少不必要的磁碟寫入動作。在新增的分析機制部分,採用計時器偵測系統讀寫狀態,並即時進行評估與處理,在此基礎上,合理的調整硬碟電源狀態,以達到省電的效果。 實驗結果顯示,我們提出的硬碟管理機制,可以有效的發揮作用,並且兼具容易使用的優點。另外我們也討論了在不同的硬碟條件下,所得到的結果差異。
For mobile computers, the power saving capability is the key to extend the battery lifetime. In this thesis, we propose to amend the traditional linux functions to support power saving mechanism. Firstly, we add the monitoring and analysis mechanisms, and change the core of the operating system's read and write operations. For reading, we cause the system to read data more efficiently by modifying the pre-read (readahead) functions of the system. For writing, we reduce unnecessary disk write operations by raising the threshold value written data back to the disk. The new analysis mechanism detects the reads and writes of the system by using the system timer. In each timer invocation, we evaluate and then adjust the hard disk power state to achieve the energy saving effect. The experimental results show that our proposed mechanism can not only successfully achieve the hard disk power saving management but also is easy to use.
其他識別: U0005-1102201017420100
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