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標題: 中文文句中中譯名的擷取與外文原名的找尋
Extracting Chinese Translations of Foreign Names in Chinese Text and Finding Their Original Names
作者: 林昱宏
Lin, Yu-Hong
關鍵字: Chinese Translations of Foreign Names
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
引用: [1]Jing-Shin Chang, Shun-Der Chen, Ying Chem, John S. Liu, and Sur-Jin Ker, (1991), “A Multiple-Corpus Approach to Identification of Chinese Surname-Names”, Proceedings of Natural Language Processing Pacific Rim Symposium, Sungapore.pages 87-91. [2] Keh-Jiann Chen and Chao-Jan Chen, (2000), “Knowledge Extraction for Identification of Chinese Organization Names”, Proceedings of ACL Workshop on Chinese Language Processing.pages 15-16. [3] Alessandro Cucchiarelli and Paola Velardi, (1999), “A Statistical Technique for Bootstrapping Available Resources for Proper Nouns Classification”, Information Intelligence and Systems, 1999; Proceedings, 1999 International Conference.pages 430-433. [4] Jen-Chang Lee (1994), “Identification and Classification of Proper Nouns in Chinese Texts”, Master Thesis Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering National Taiwan University, June 1994. Pages 226-227. [6] 張家銘,“中文人名擷取” ,中興大學資訊科學與工程研究所碩士學位論文,2007年 7月。 [7] 施仁彬,“中文機構及公司名稱擷取”,中興大學資訊科學與工程研究所碩士學位論文,2008年七月。
摘要: 專有名詞分為許多種類,而其中中譯名名是很難完全收集在辭典的一種。本篇論文將針對中譯名的擷取,分成以下三個問題來探討:(1)『英文原名的找尋』,將輸入一個中譯名來找尋對應的外文原名。(2)『判斷是否為一個中譯名』,輸入一個詞性標示為專有名詞的詞判斷其是否是一個中譯名,(3)『組合被斷開的中譯名』輸入一段斷詞且標記詞性後的句子,找出被斷開的中譯名並且組合回來。
Proper nouns have many categories. Among these, Chinese translations of foreign names are not completely listed in dictionaries. This thesis will discuss some methods for extracting Chinese translation of foreign names. We investigate the following three problems: (1) Finding the original foreign names.The input is Chinese translation of a foreign name, and we will find out the original foreign name. (2) Deciding whether the Chinese word is a Chinese translation of a foreign name. The input is a proper noun and we will decide whether the Chinese word is a Chinese translation of a foreign names or not and.(3) Finding the Chinese translations of foreign names whose characters are separated.The input is a Chinese sentence which is segmented and the word inside it are pos tagged, and we will find the Chinese translations of foreign names whose characters are separated.
其他識別: U0005-1108200917291700
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