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標題: 多關鍵字可搜尋公開金鑰加密法之效能改善
Improving the Efficiency of Public Key Conjunctive Keyword Searchable Encryption
作者: 陳昱圻
Chen, Yu-Chi
關鍵字: searchable encryption
conjunctive keywords search
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 在現在資訊發達的時代裡,保護個人資料的隱私也益形重要。我們希望能夠將機密性資料,存放於開放式網路環境的伺服器端,而不被資料儲存的伺服器甚至攻擊者獲知存放訊息之內容,且資料擁有者又能隨心所欲的對資料進行存取,甚至修改。最早由Boneh等人提出公開金鑰加密關鍵字可搜尋加密法。主要利用pairing設計的機制,讓送方可以用收方的公鑰對文件內關鍵字進行可搜尋加密法並加密送出文件。收方可以藉由私鑰產生搜尋關鍵字的暗門;伺服器針對暗門以及可搜尋密文進行比對,若成功則回傳文件給收方。而後Park等學者提出了在公開金鑰系統下能支援多個關鍵字搜尋的架構,但在通訊成本與計算量上仍有改進之處。我們在這篇論文中提出以多個關鍵字的搜尋架構來達到搜尋加密文件上的訴求,且能用於不安全的通訊上。同時我們的架構比起之前的研究在效率上有了改善,而在儲存上也有較低的成本。此外,我們的機制在random oracle model下對adaptive chosen keyword attack,其安全性等價於decision Diffie-Hellman assumption。
Protecting personal private information is very important. We want that the private information in the open network server can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime. Furthermore, the server or attackers cannot obtain any significant information. In 2004, Boneh et al. proposed public key encryption keyword search (PEKS) schemes. Park et al. proposed another PEKS with conjunctive keyword search. They are not efficient and require secure channel. In this thesis, we propose a more efficient conjunctive keywords public key searchable encryption scheme. The proposed construction is semantically security against adaptive chosen keyword attacks based on decision Diffie-Hellman Problem.
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