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標題: 長烤作業荷重降低膠體翹曲量研究
A Study of Load Weight at Post Mold Cure for Package Warpage Minimization
作者: 陳沂銘
Chen, Yi-Ming
關鍵字: Package Warpage
Post Mold Cure
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 近年來積體電路(Integrated Circuit, IC)外型逐漸朝向輕、薄、短、小的方向發展,由於QFN具有體積小、重量輕,加上傑出的電性能和熱性能,同具備非常低的阻抗、自感,可滿足高速或者微波的應用,因此逐漸受到市場重視。 在QFN封裝製程中,當膠體翹曲量超出20MIL將間接造成除膠(De-flash)製程中脫層問題發生及切單(Package Saw)製程作業之困難度,藉由對膠體翹曲(Package Warpage)研究,有助於IC良率、封裝製程能力及產能的提昇。 本研究嘗試藉由有限元素模擬分析計算出長烤作業溫度175℃所產生之熱應力與膠體翹曲量,並藉由應力、正向力與垂直截面積之關係式,估算降低膠體翹曲量之長烤作業最適當壓塊重量。接著實際使用數種不同壓塊重量,於長烤作業隨材料一起烘烤,求得當壓塊重量達一定值之後,即使使用更重之壓塊,最終膠體翹曲量將趨一穩定值不再改變,此一定值之壓塊重量與有限元素分析間接求得之壓塊重量差異不大,僅約100g,該壓塊荷重模式建立有助於QFN封裝良率、封裝製程能力及產能的提昇。
In recent years, IC (Integrated Circuit, IC) is toward to the trend of light, thin, short and small. The QFN is with small size, light weight, coupled with excellent electrical performance and thermal performance. Meanwhile, it is also with a very low impedance and self-inductance to meet the applications for high-speed or microwave. Obviously, it attached great importance by the market gradually. For the assembly process of QFN packaging, it will indirectly induce the delamination in the De-flash process and lead the operating difficulties in package saw process when the package warpage is bigger than 20MIL. The study of load weight at post mold cure will improve the IC yield, the process capability and productivity. In this study, the finite element analysis will be applied to calculate the stress and package warpage at the molding temperature 175 ℃. We also will estimate the lower and optimized load weight at post mold cure for package warpage minimization by using the chemical shrinkage, stress, pressure force and vertical cross-sectional area. Then, we actual use several different load weights and the load is baked with the baking material together. The result is obtained when the load weight is over a certain value, and then the package warpage will maintain around the stable value without any changes. The optimized load weight was obtained by finite element analysis. A little difference in weight is only about 100g while comparing with the load weight value. If the load model is built, then it will help to improve assembly yield, production capability and throughput of QFN package.
其他識別: U0005-2008200917320300
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