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標題: 高負荷熱水器之性能研究
Experimental Study on High-Load Water Heater Performance
作者: 王富正
Wang, Fuh-Jeng
關鍵字: high-load water heater
secondary pressure
excess air ratio
ais fuel ratio
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 荷熱水器之號數、二次壓、熱效率、燃氣入熱量、過剩空氣比、空燃比、 移火不良、黃端 燄形成之原因分析。為瞭解廢氣排放情形,本文從事CO 和CO/CO2的廢氣分析。本文所研究 的高負荷熱水器為一新型之機種,與 傳統性熱水器相較,具有高號數、高熱效率、高安全 性、低污染性(3 高1低)等優點。實驗方法以CNS 3662號、CNS 13602號及CNS 13603號為 標準。由本實驗結果顯示:二次壓P2與CO/CO2之關係式,可用5階(Order )之多項式 (Polynomial)來配合。實驗結果顯示,丙烷和丁烷的 最 高熱效率、號數皆發生於入風口截面 為全開的87%處。對丙烷燃氣而言,當78%≦λ<152.3%且42.4≦AF <60.1時,可避免移火不良、鳴叫聲發生,而其廢氣分析均在安全範圍內 。丁烷在高空燃比(AF=79.4以上)及高過剩空氣比(λ=156.7以上)時 ,會有移火不良 之問題,然而在低空燃比(AF=47.7以下)、低過剩空 氣比(λ=54.2%以下)時,CO/CO2 已達2.83%以上,不符合CNS所定之 規範。
water heater.The experimental fuels of the water heater includes chosen as Propane and Butane,and the studying parameters include degree of high-load water heater,secondary pressure, efficiency,input heat of fuel,excess air ratio,air-fuel ratio,unmove-flame and yellow tip.The exhaust gases of CO and CO/CO2 ratio are also measured to determine the combustion conditions.The present research of high-load water heater is a new type and have the advantage of the high degree, high efficiency,high safty and low air-polltion. The Chinese National Standard 3662,13602 and 13603 are selected as the guidelines in present experimental study.The results show that the relations between the secondary pressure and CO/CO2 can be found to be fitted by a fifth order polynomial.The highest thermal efficiency and degree of the Propanehen 78%≦λ <152.3%,42.4 ≦AF<60.1 .Its exhaust gases are all in the safe range.But for Butane,the unmove-flame appears at the conditions of the high air-fuel ratio (above AF=79.4)and high excess air ratio(above 156.7%) .The content of CO/CO2 for the Butane at the low air-fuel ratio(under AF=47.7) and low excess air ratio(under λ=54.2%) conditions is 2.83% and the value does not satisfy the CNS requirement.
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