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標題: 在Android平台上實作一種防範詐騙機制
Design and Implementation of a Fraud Call Prevention Scheme on Android Operating Systems
作者: 邱棻
Chiu, Fen
關鍵字: Android Operating Systems
Fraud Call
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 行政院研考會於2009年11月公佈十大民怨,排行第一的是詐騙電話太多,目前平均每天有一萬通左右的詐騙電話,在這詐騙電話猖狂的年代,我們都不希望自己辛苦賺來的錢被騙走,甚至受到驚嚇,造成身心的傷害。 所以本篇論文中,我們設計與實作了一種詐騙電話警示以及回報的機制,並且成功的在Android平台上實作;首先先建立Fraud call detecting server,並且針對詐騙電話號碼進行模擬並且建立資料庫,以利進行詐騙電話比對。接著在實際的手持行動裝置上實作詐騙電話檢查機制,並且順利偵測以及提示使用者為詐騙電話。最後實作詐騙電話回報機制,為了避免回報機制遭到濫用,在回報詐騙電話時,回報者也必須回報自己的IMSI ( International Mobile Subscriber Identity )提供伺服器驗證,如果在短時間內連續回報詐騙電話,或是多次回報的詐騙電話號碼經過查驗後均非屬實,我們可以利用IMSI碼找到回報的使用者,給予警告或是停止該用戶回報詐騙電話之權利。 藉由本論文,我們希望能藉由這個機制,讓詐騙電話的發生率降低,讓一般民眾在接電話的時候可以提升警覺性,更可以判斷為詐騙電話後,將來電號碼回報到伺服器作為大家共同建立的詐騙電話資料庫,讓詐騙電話的成功率降低,進而減少民眾受騙的機會。
In November 2009, RDEC(Research ,Development and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan) announced the top ten grievances and the top one was the extremely large number of fraud calls. Accordingly to the statistics, on average, there are around ten thousand of fraud phone calls everyday. In practice, we do not want to our hard-earned money to be cheated fraudulently, and even cause our harm to our body and mind. Thus, in this paper, we design and implement the detection, notification, and report mechanisms for fraud calls and we have implemented our mechanisms in the Android platform. Firstly, we establish a fraud call detecting server. In addition, by simulating the fraud call number, we create a fraud call database to facilitate fraud phone comparison. Then, we implement the fraud call detection mechanism in the handheld mobile device. We can successfully detect the fraud call and notify the user of the fraud call. Finally, we also implement the report mechanism to allow users to report the telephone number of the fraud call to the database. However, to avoid abuse of our reporting mechanism, users are also required to send their IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) codes back for authentication purpose. If a user reports a number of fraud calls in a short time interval or lots of the reporting fraud calls are shown to be false, we can use the IMSI code to find the user and give she/he a warning or stop the user the right to return telephone fraud. Through this paper, by our proposed mechanism, we hope to lower the number of fraud calls and to alarm people if a fraud call is coming. Furthermore, we also allow the users to send back the number of fraud calls when the users detects a fraudulent telephone to the database by expanding the database together, we can thereby reduce the success ratio of fraud calls to avoid people to by cheated furthermore.
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