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標題: 天然氣瓦斯爐燃燒器良好燃燒範圍與熱效率之研究
Study of the Desirable Combustion and Thermal Efficiency of Domestic NG Appliance for Burner Heads
作者: 鍾佑政
J., Y.J.
關鍵字: Busen Burner
Flash Back
Yellow Tip
Mifting Flame
Heat Input
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 國內目前所使用的瓦斯爐絕大部份均採用本生式燃燒法,此燃燒法之 特性乃是利用瓦斯噴出之快速流所造成低壓區的自然吸引外界空氣效應, 因而得到瓦斯燃燒所須之一次空氣量。但由於使用者及環境的不同(如瓦 斯種類、熱值、爐具大小以及試用環境差異...等等)而導致各種爐具所 須之瓦斯壓力、噴出量與燃燒狀況(如火燄溫度、火燄高度、是否發生黃 端燄或浮火等)的差異頗大。截至目前為止,國內學術及產業界少對此有 詳細研究報告出現。據作者所知,大部份的廠商均是根據經驗做概括性設 計再以試誤法做修正。現就此主題做一系列基礎性的研究與探討,以期能 提供國內未來燃氣工程技術提昇的依據。 本文之研究目的主要在針對 天然氣與空氣之混合氣在燄孔處發生燃燒時之所有可能狀況,如:回火、 浮火、黃端燄.......等,藉由廢氣分析、熱效率分析、空燃比...等參數 效應分析,來綜合歸納求出良好燃燒的範圍,以作為改變影響燃燒種種參 數設計上的依據並提供產業界在設計瓦斯爐上的參考。
Most of the appliance of domestic gas burners at present are classified toBusen burners. The peculiarity of the burner is to get primary air naturally with the high velocity gas of jet. The different demands lead to the necessa-rity of gas pressure, flame temperature, flame height, and the occurance of yellow tip or lifting flame for various burners are different. The researches and papers regarding this topic are very limited till now in our country. Depending on the auther''s knowledge, a large proportion manufacturers always design their work by their experience, and then modify them by try and error method. Now, we hope to have a series of basic research for this topic,and hope to promote gas combustion technology of our country. The purpose of this project is to find out the possible combustion state ofthe mixture of gas and air at burner ports, such as lifting flame, flash back,yellow tip and so on. We also want to find the reasons and determine the desi-rable ranges of domestic gas burner so as to be the accordance of future design.
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