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標題: 一低成本之RFID認證協議及其應用
A Low Cost RFID Authentication Protocol and its Application
作者: 蕭景文
Hsiao, Chin-Wen
關鍵字: RFID
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 無線射頻辨識(Radio Frequency Identification,RFID)已被廣泛運用於日常生活,此系統是由電子標籤(tag)、讀取器(reader)與後端資料庫伺服器(database/server)所組成。本文提出一低成本認證協議,其中只需進行XOR運算和移位運算並將此協議應用於日常生活賣場中,可方便顧客迅速掌握當日賣場優惠商品,賣場也可省下列印與寄發傳單費用並且提升營業額,製造雙贏結果,同時降低傳單使用量也為地球環保盡一份心力。
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system is composed of electronic tags, the reader and back-end database server, and has been widely used in daily life. This thesis presents a low-cost authentication protocol, with simple XOR operation and shift operation. When applying it in daily shopping, Customers can quickly get access to Daily Sales and Deals messages, and Shops can save money in printing and dispatching Ads and increase revenue at the same time, thus creating a win-win solution. Reducing the amount of Ads and flyers is also being friendly to the environment.
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