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標題: 一個在LTE中具行進方向預測及觸發時間調適的換手機制
An Efficient Handover Mechanism by Adopting Direction Prediction and Adaptive Time-to-Trigger in LTE Networks
作者: 胡似英
Hu, Szu-Ying
關鍵字: 換手機制
direction prediction
adaptive Time-to-Trigger
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 長程演進網路(Long Term Evolution, LTE)是由3GPP所定義的高速無線網路的標準,以提供高傳輸速率以及低封包延遲的無線網路。當用戶端設備(User Equipment, UE)移動時,所接收到的訊號強度會受到地形環境的影響,為了維持網路的連線品質,當訊號強度衰弱時,用戶端設備會選擇一個訊號較強的基地台,進行換手的動作。在換手的過程中,容易造成連線中斷及遺失資料。特別是在長程演進網路中,只支援硬式換手,容易造成連線中斷。除此之外,為了降低非必要換手,使用了Time-to-Trigger(TTT)的參數,以調整觸發換手的時間的方式,使用戶端設備在較適當的時機換手,但固定的TTT容易使移動速度較快的用戶端設備的觸發換手時機過晚,或是使移動速度較慢的用戶端設備過早觸發換手。為了減少換手次數以及降低非必要換手,本論文提出了以行進方向預測的換手機制以及觸發時間調適機制。藉由用戶端設備的位置資訊,估得移動方向進而減少候選的換手目標基地台,以節省挑選換手目標基地台的時間。並提出觸發時間調適機制,針對不同移動速度的用戶端設備,給予不同的TTT,並根據換手觸發失敗率,適時的調整TTT。同時也進行了整合的模擬實驗,結合行進方向預測機制以及觸發時間調適機制。實驗結果顯示,與標準的換手流程相比行進方向預測可明顯降低換手的次數,至少可減少31%的平均換手率,平均來說,共下降了42.29%;在觸發時間調適機制的部分,在換手觸發失敗率的部分,以平均來說可降低36.5%。而整合實驗的部分,平均換手率所下降的幅度略高於行進方向預測機制,可從原先的42.29%提高至45.96%
3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE) defines a high speed wireless communication standard for mobile phones and data terminals. In LTE, under dynamic movement of user equipments (UEs), which access point to be associated and when to trigger handover, are two critical determination factors to the success of seamless handover. In this research, both moving direction prediction and Time-to-Trigger (TTT) adjustment are taken into consideration for processing to lower the unnecessary. By referencing previous locations, UE’s moving direction is estimated by the cosine function to determine a better destined eNB. With adaptive TTT, we categorize UEs into 3 levels according to the velocity. Initially, TTT value is given for each level, and the value is decremented when the failure rate gets higher. In addition, we also combine both approaches of moving direction prediction and adaptive TTT into handover procedure. Simulation results show that the proposed method can effectively improve the handover efficiency. As compared with the standard handover procedure, an average reduction of 31% handovers can be obtained by applying the moving direction prediction. And, as compared with fixed TTT, up to 36.5% of handover trigger failure rate can be expected by using the adaptive TTT handover triggering approach. The performance can be further improved when both approaches are taken in dealing with the handover procedure.
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