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標題: 一個適用於多類型影像之加密方法
An Efficient and Effective Encryption Method for Multi-Types Images
作者: 王薇舒
Wang, Wei-Shu
關鍵字: 影像加密
image encryption
出版社: 資訊科學與工程學系所
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摘要: 隨著數位化時代的來臨與網際網路的高速發展,許多影像資料逐漸的數位化,並在日常生活中廣泛的被使用。由於數位影像容易透過網際網路取得,因此產生許多數位影像的安全問題。影像加密是一種可確保影像私密性的方式,通常影像在傳輸或儲存時會先被壓縮(失真與非失真),其中失真壓縮又以JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group) 標準最被廣泛使用。  目前研究文獻的影像加密方法可歸類成適用於不可壓縮影像與適用於JPEG影像兩種方式。本論文提出一個安全有效且可同時適用於可壓縮與不可壓縮類型的影像加密方法。 實作結果顯示本論文所提出的方法的確適用於無壓縮影像類型,如BMP和PNG,亦可使用於JPEG壓縮比10-90%的影像,並且解密後的影像比文獻中的JPEG影像加密方法有更高的影像品質。
With fast development of high-speed Internet and digital image processing techniques, many digital images are widely used and easily obtainable through Internet. As a result, content security of these images accessible through Internet becomes a challenging issue. Image encryption is a technique for ensuring the privacy of images. When images transmitted to/from Internet, they are compressed (lossy or lossless) in general, where JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is the most widely used lossy compression standard. Image encryption methods presented in research literature can be classified to two categories: one for lossless compressed images and the other for JPEG compressed images. This paper presents a secure and efficient encryption method for multi-type images-SEMIMG. Experimental results show that our proposed method is indeed applicable to lossless types of image, such as BMP and PNG, and is also good for JPEG images with compression ratio of 10-100%. The experimental results also show that the decrypted JPEG images using SEMIMG have higher image quality than those JPEG image using an encryption/decryption method presented in recent research literature.
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