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標題: 射膠螺桿之過膠頭組止逆特性與其幾何參數關係之研究
An Empirical Study between Non-return Performance & Geometry Parameters of Screw Tip Assembmies in a Injecction Screw
作者: 賴明煌
Lai, Ming-Huang
關鍵字: Screw Tip
Taguchi Method
Injection Screw
Molding Precisely
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 全世界經濟的不景氣導致產業研發策略趨於保守,因此如何能做到精密成 型、同時能兼顧成本,成為今後塑膠射出成型機械研發的主要課題。過膠 頭組是射出成型機械重要的塑化元件,在成型加工中、對成型品質具有決 定性的影響;其研發簡單、成本低,因此效益宏大。本研究即利用田口式 實驗計畫法,針對在過膠頭組幾何設計中、可能影響射出量精度的參數進 行實際的實驗量測與分析,藉以蒐集相關數據,提供過膠頭組研發之參考 依據。本研究以具環式止逆閥之過膠頭組結構進行實驗。實驗結果顯示: 過膠頭錐角是最具影力的因子、止逆斷面的流道窄化程度次之。
The research-and-improvements stratagem in industry tends to conservatismwith the recent global depression. So it has been a topic for improvementsin injection molding machines to give consideration to both how to moldprecisely and cost.And the screw tip assembly is an important plasticating component in a injection molding machine, who has the great influence on part quality in the molding process but cost little and simply to improve, therefore it is capable to provide great benefits. In this paper, focusing on probable geom. variables in screw tip assemblies that will influencepart weight, one have made a empirical study by using the Taguchi method to provide the relative information for the research in future.The experiment have been made on screw tips with Ring Type valve, and the results show that the tip angle has the greatest influence, and the narrowness of non-return section is the next.
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