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標題: 創造力支援系統對支援創造力訓練效果之研究
The Study of Creativity Support System on the Effectiveness of Creativity Problem Solving Training
作者: 李筱萍
Li, Hsiao-Ping
關鍵字: Creativity support system
Creativity problem solving training
Creative thinking ability
Problem solving ability
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所
摘要: 為了有效地因應現今高度複雜企業環境的快速改變,管理者必須依賴組織成員的創造力及問題解決能力來產生新穎及有用的構想。從過去研究發現CPS訓練對創造思考的確有增進的效果。同時也有研究指出創造力支援系統的輔助使用可以增加創造力的績效。本研究以台灣中部某技術學院四班資管系大三修習「管理學」課程學生為研究對象,擬以長期縱貫性研究,並採二因子實驗法進行實驗,探討CPS訓練及創造力支援系統對創造力績效表現的影響。此外,亦定期進行CPS追蹤訓練以長期觀察創造力支援系統作為輔助CPS訓練之功效。 本研究驗證CPS訓練能提昇受試者的創造思考能力與問題解決能力,此外,創造力支援系統也能提高受試者問題解決能力。本研究結果亦顯示接受CPS訓練之後成員將具有CPS流程概念,較能依照CPS步驟之原理完成問題討論,在思考的架構上也較具完整性。此時,在離開訓練之後若能提供一個網路溝通平台,幫助使用者在創造思考過程中作即時記錄,經分享之學習效果將能針對問題產生更多的點子及較具創新的想法。換言之,傳統的CPS訓練仍不可偏廢,並於訓練後應輔助提供一創造力支援系統以延長團隊成員對於問題之討論,藉由不受限制之互動討論而增進構想數量並提升構想品質。
Companies are relying on their employees' creativities and problem-solving skills to devise genuine solutions to deal with the ever changing business environments. Past researches have shown that CPS training has positive effects on member's creativity. There are also studies shown that the use of Creativity Support System (CSS) increases the creative performance of members. The object of this study is the college student of Department of Information Management in one Institute of Technology located in mid Taiwan who major in the course of management. Then we discuss the impacts of CPS training and CSS on the performance of creativity by using long-term longitudinal study and two-way ANOVA analyses to perform experiment. Additionally, we make an extended observation about the effectiveness of CSS as supporting for CPS training. This study has shown that CPS training can improve student's creative thinking ability and problem solving ability, and CSS also can improve student's problem solving ability. The results suggest that after accepting CPS traning, members will possess the concept of CPS process, complete problem discussion more easily by the principle of CPS steps, and think more completely. After CPS training, if we provide a network communication platform for users to take immediate record in the process of creative thinking. Then users can produce more creative ideas aimed at problems by sharing. In other words, traditional CPS training is still indispensable. After training, we should provide team members with CSS to extend problem discussion, and increase the number of ideas and improve the quality of ideas by unrestricted mutual discussion.
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