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標題: 雙軸渦輪扇引擎之主燃油模糊控制器之設計
A Fuzzy Logic System Approach to Main Fuel Controller Design for Twin-Spool Turbofan Engine
作者: 李洪明
關鍵字: 雙軸渦輪扇
出版社: 機械工程研究所
摘要: 本文嘗試運用模糊控制理論易於處理數學模型不確定系統及非線 性時變系統的優點,依據對雙軸渦輪扇引擎特性的了解,針對F-100 引擎進行主燃油模糊控制器設計。 文中首先介紹F-100引擎各主要構件特性及非線性數學模型,接著 描述一般渦輪噴射引擎之控制需求及F-100引擎的控制標準。再以渦輪 引擎之主燃油控制變數為主要考慮對象,找出四種重要的受控輸出與 系統主燃油控制輸入間的關係,提出適當的控制迴路及模糊控制器, 使受控輸出能依特定的路徑運作以達成引擎加/減速之合理控制。 最後並在引擎包絡飛行區域內選取適當之測試點,再以電腦進行 數值模擬,以驗證本文所設計的控制器在大域範圍操作之可行性。
Fuzzy logic systems are very suitable for the control of highly uncertain and nonlinear time-varying systems. In this thesis, We propose a fuzzy approach to the design of main fuel controller for F-100 engine based on some a periori knowledge about hte engine. We first introduce the mathematical model of F-100 turbofan engine and the characteristics of its major components. the control requirements of general gas turbine engines and the design criteria of F-100 engine are also described. For simplicity, We consider only the main fuel flow control variable. Based on the relations between engine''s dominant variables and the main fuel flow control variable, we propose a control structure consisting of fuzzy controllers for reasonable operation of acceleratin/deceleration control of the engine along some specified schedules. Finally, we define a simple engine operation envelope, and select some evaluation points that are important in the controller performance testing. The effectiveness of the usggested fuzzy control strategy is illustrated by computer simulations.
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