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標題: A Study of Service Encounter and Service Brnad Equity- Relationship Quality as Mediator
作者: 高育民@20050815
gao, yu-min
關鍵字: service encounter
relationship quality
service brand equity
出版社: 企業管理學系研究所
摘要: 品牌,是一項企業的無形資產,能夠增加產品或服務的附加價值,因此,建構出一個卓越的品牌,一直是企業追求的目標。在台灣,已經有不少企業已經建立起響亮的品牌名稱;例如BenQ與Acer,在國內外的資訊電子市場中,已將品牌名稱深深刻印在消費者心中。對於服務業而言,品牌亦是同樣重要,然而,由於服務具有無形性的特質,無法藉由展示或陳列將服務介紹給消費者。因此,服務品牌的建構過程中,關鍵的因素為何,是一項值得令人深入探討與研究的課題。 過去對於品牌權益的研究多將焦點鎖定在有形商品,但是對於服務品牌權益的研究卻較為少見,因此,本研究以服務接觸為關係品質的前因,服務品牌權益為關係品質的結果,進行實證研究。得到如下結論: 1. 服務接觸中,服務人員的表現愈好,服務公司與顧客間的關係品質愈佳。 2. 服務接觸中,實體環境愈完善,服務公司與顧客間的關係品質愈佳。 3. 服務接觸中,顧客之間的互動愈好,服務公司與顧客間的關係品質愈佳。 4. 服務公司與顧客間的關係品質愈佳,愈能夠提高顧客的品牌忠誠度。 5. 服務公司與顧客間的關係品質愈佳,愈能夠提高顧客的知覺品質。
Brand is an asset for business and can improve the profit of business. Because of that, most of the businesses have already concerned about building a strong brand. In Taiwan, for example, BenQ and Acer are the representative. BenQ and Acer have been famous for IT technique not only in Asia but also in Europe and America for a long time. Brand equity has been discussed in both academic and commercial field for a long time. Unfortunately, most of the researchers aim at tangible products. Few researches concern about the brand equity of intangible service. Because of that, this study will focus on how to build a service brand. This study takes service encounter as antecedent of relationship quality; service brand equity as subsequence of relationship quality. The results are following: 1. Service personnel positively affect relationship quality. 2. Service environments positively affect relationship quality. 3. The interaction between customers positively affects relationship quality. 4. Relationship quality positively affects brand loyalty. 5. Relationship quality positively affects perceived quality.
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