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標題: 如何選擇適當的策略?以配適觀點為基礎
How to choose an appropriate strategy from the strategic fitpoint of view ?
作者: 羅元邦
Lo, Yuan-Bang
關鍵字: competitive strategy
resource-based view
external fit
internal fit
出版社: 企業管理學系所
摘要: 本研究旨在探討廠商在選擇策略時,應以Porter競爭策略觀點為基礎,追求環境與策略間的外部配適;或是以資源基礎觀點為基礎,追求資源與策略間的內部配適,才有助於企業獲利。為達上述研究目的,本研究利用台灣電子業內所有上市廠商2000至2004年共5年份的經緯資料 (panel data) 進行分析,經Hausman 檢定,本研究採固定效果估計模式來驗證研究假說。 實證結果顯示,外部配適與內部配適程度皆會正向地影響績效,且兩者間的交乘項亦正向地影響績效,證實了執行策略應同時尋求與環境、資源間配適的互補性觀點。而外部配適中,環境豐厚性、環境動態性與部分的執行策略間具良好的配適關係,內部配適中,結構資源、人力資源與部分的執行策略間亦具良好的配適關係。最後,針對上述結果,本研究提出ㄧ些建議供後續研究與實務界參考。
The purpose of this study is to investigate how to choose an appropriate strategy for Taiwan's electronic firms? Should they pursuit the external fit between environment and strategy which based on Porter's competitive strategy framework; or should they pursuit the internal fit between resource and strategy which based on resource-based view? In order to achieve this purpose, we use the panel data for all the Taiwan's electronic firms since peroid 2000 to 2004. By Hausman test, we choose the regression model of fixed effect to confirm the research hypothesis. The results show that no matter external fit or internal fit is positively related to the performance. Also the interaction term between external fit and internal fit is positively related to the performance, which confirms that an appropriate strategy should consider the external fit and internal fit simultaneously. Among external fit, the environment of munificence, dynamism and complexity would fit with part of strategic groupings; and among internal fit, the structurue resource, customer resource and human resource would fit with part of strategic groupings. Following this result, we discuss the theoretical and practical implications of our findings, along with limitations and directions for future research.
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