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標題: 台灣產豬殃殃屬的分類研究
A Taxonomic Study of Galium L. (Rubiaceae) in Taiwan
作者: 黃建益
Huang, Chien-I
關鍵字: Galium
Taxonomic study
出版社: 植物學系
摘要: 中文摘要 本論文對台灣產豬殃殃屬(Galium)植物進行分類研究,研究結果將台灣產豬殃殃屬植物處理為4個組:(1)Sect. Platygalium Koch:圓葉豬殃殃(G. formosense Ohwi)、森氏豬殃殃(G. morii Hayata)、南湖大山豬殃殃(G. nankotaizanum Ohwi)及太魯閣豬殃殃(G. tarokoense Hayata);(2)Sect. Hylaea(Griseb.)Ehrend.:刺果豬殃殃(G. echinocarpum Hayata);(3)Sect. Aparinoides(Jordan)Gren.:琉球豬殃殃(G. gracilens(A. Gray)Makino)、福山氏豬殃殃(G. gracilens(A. Gray)Makino var. fukuyamai C. I. Huang)及小葉四葉葎(G. trifidum L.);(4)Sect. Kolgyda Dumort.:拉拉藤(G. aparine L.)、豬殃殃(G. spurium L. f. vaillantii(DC.)R. J. Moore)及台灣豬殃殃(G. taiwanense Masamune)。總共有11個分類群,將福山氏豬殃殃(G. fukuyamai Masamune)處理為琉球豬殃殃(G. gracilens(A. Gray)Makino)的變種;並報導1個新記錄種:拉拉藤(G. aparine L.)。 在外部形態方面,果實及子房的形態為區分台灣產豬殃殃屬植物的重要特徵,植物習性、莖與葉的被毛形態、脈相及輪生葉片數目可作為組及種間分類的依據,此外,花色及葉形也有助於區分近似種。
Abstract In the course of a taxonomic revision of the Galium in Taiwan, eleven taxa in four sections were recognized: (1) Sect. Platygalium Koch: G. formosense Ohwi, G. morii Hayata, G. nankotaizanum Ohwi, and G. tarokoense Hayata; (2) Sect. Hylaea(Griseb.)Ehrend.: G. echinocarpum Hayata; (3) Sect. Aparinoides(Jordan)Gren.: G. gracilens(A. Gray)Makino, G. gracilens(A. Gray)Makino var. fukuyamai C. I. Huang, and G. trifidum L.; (4) Sect. Kolgyda Dumort.; G. aparine L., G. spurium L. f. vaillantii(DC.)R. J. Moore, and G. taiwanense Masamune. A new record (G. aparine L.) and a name correction (G. fukuyamai Masamune was treated as a variety of G. gracilens(A. Gray)Makino) were proposed. In this study, morphology of fruit and ovary was shown to be important in distinguishing Galium in Taiwan. Plant habit, pubescence of stem and leaves, venation, and number of leaves per whorl are diagnostic at section and species level. Corolla color, leaf shape and apex are often useful in distinguishing related species.
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