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標題: 內生菌根菌接種對柑橘幼苗生長及生理的影響
Growth and physiological responses of Citrus spp. colonized by vascular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
作者: 王議鋒
Wang, Yi-Fon
關鍵字: Citrus Lemon
Citrus Limonia
vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
出版社: 植物學系
摘要: 為瞭解囊叢枝內生菌根菌接種對植物幼苗生長發育的影響,首先以檸檬為材料,接種菌根菌Glomus intraradices (簡稱為LITR),五個月後調查植株地上部重、根重、乾重、葉面積等生物量均較對照組高,而且有顯著差異,另分析根、葉蛋白質含量和葉片rubisco酵素活性,則酵素活性有顯著的增加。 又以廣東檸檬幼苗為材料,分別接種兩種囊叢枝內生菌根菌LITR和LMOS,四個月後,兩種接菌處理組的株高、葉數、葉面積、乾、鮮重,都有顯著的增加現象,另測定光合速率、rubisco酵素活性、葉、根蛋白質含量也有提高的情形,且色素含量、可溶糖,澱粉和磷含量等均有大量累積的現象。 以上的試驗結果顯示植株幼苗時期接種菌根菌,可以顯著促進廣東檸檬苗期的地上部生長和發達根部,並縮短砧木的培育期,對未來柑橘苗木的生長有所助益。
The aim of this study is to observe the colonization effect of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi(VAMF) on the growth of Citrus lemon seedlings. The first treatment, the lemon seedlings were inoculated by LITR. After five months, the shoot weight, root weight, dried weight, and leaf area of the inoculation treatment was significantly higher than control. The root and leaf protein contents as well as the activities of rubisco increased significantly. A further experiment was implemented by inoculating the Citrus limonia seedlings with Glomus intraradices (LITR) and Glomus mosseae (LMOS). After four months, both treatments showed significantly increase in plant height, numbers of leaves, leaf area, root weight, fresh and dried weight. The photosynthetic rate and leaf and root protein contents also increased while rubisco activities were more active. As to pigment, soluble sugar, starch, and phosphate contents, both inoculation tests seemed positive to their accumulation. Conclusively, the VA mycorrhizal inoculation of the C. limonia seedlings significantly promoted the growth of shoot and root. It not only shortened the development period of the rootstock, but also ensured the later growth of Citrus plants after grafting.
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