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標題: 惠蓀林場關刀溪流域擔子菌類物種多樣性與生態調查之研究
Study of species diversity and ecological survey of Basidiomycotina in Guantauchi area of Huisun Eeperimental Forest
作者: 羅光傑
Lo, Kung-Chung
關鍵字: basidiomycotina
出版社: 植物學系
摘要: 中文摘要惠蓀實驗林場關刀溪流域是全球變遷計畫,長期生態調查(LTER) 中的一站,主要作為森林生態系研究之用。本實驗於三種不同林地(小出 山、水源地、木荷保護區),針對該區所產之大型擔子菌類進行調查。從 民國八十六年二月至八十七年一月共採得181種標本,分屬於24科72屬, 已經鑑定至種名的標本有103種,另有74種鑑定至屬名,4種鑑定至科名, 此外經分離培養,共獲得36種純培養菌株。另一方面,探討擔子菌在惠蓀 林場之分布情形及生態特性,參考各種環境因子及氣象資料,調查結果顯 示,在不同林地孕育各種不同類型的擔子菌,且隨著季節之變化,種類也 有顯著改變,且在一年中,小範圍內採集如此多種類,可見惠蓀林場擔子 菌種類具多樣性。根據調查結果,可看出此區擔子菌之種類及數量是隨著 環境變化而有所變動,因此經由長期調查擔子菌之消長情形,亦可作為環 境變遷的生物性指標,以期了解真菌相與環境間之相互關係。
AbstractLong-term ecological research (LTER) located in Guantauchi area of Huisun Experimental Forest, which belong to global climatic change research project, is conducted research primarily in the forest ecosystem. The large Basidiomycotina kinds were investigated at the three different forest types (Chung-Hsing Peak, Fountatinhead , Schina Rerserve). Since February 1997 to January 1998, 181 species belonging to 24 families 72 genera were collected. Totally, 103 species were identified, 74 species were identified to genera, 4 species were identified to families, and pure cultures of 36 species were obtained.On the other hand, the survey about the distribution and ecological characters shows that different kinds of Basidiomycotina at different forest types varies its species with seasons. The result of investigation that is set up in small area and during only in one year proves that diversity of Basidiomycotina at Huisun experimental forest.In the accordance of the mentioned survey, the result of investigation shows clearly that the species and amount of Basidiomycotina in this area varies with local environment change. Hence, through the investigation, the growth and decline of Basidiomycotina in a long term proves to be a biological indicator of environment changes as a demonstration of the interrelationship between fungus and environment.
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