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標題: 惠蓀林場水源地木材腐朽菌之調查研究
Study of wood-decay fungi in the fountainhead of Huisun Experimental Forest
作者: 徐希世
Hsu, Hsi-Shih
關鍵字: wood-decay fungi
Huisun Experimental Forest
出版社: 植物學系
摘要: 本實驗以今關六也(1987)所使用的分類系統表為主,輔以 Largent D. L.(1986) 所使用的檢索表,對國立中興大學農學院附屬惠蓀林場水源地 採集到的真菌以肉眼或鏡檢可觀察的特徵加以分類鑑定;實驗期間總共採 得 250 株菌株,經鑑定得到的有 17 屬共 28菌種;250 株菌株中經純化 得到 81 株的純化菌株。其中 75 株純化菌株以含 0.5% carboxy- methylcellulose (CMC) 的 SD 洋菜培養基做纖維分解酵素(cellulase) 活性的初步測定,結果得到 7 株活性較強的菌株, 依澄清環大小排列分 別為 H0908-08、 H0315-16、H0926-18 ( Schizophyllum commune Fr. : Fr.)、 H1215-16、 H0222-31、 H0315-09、H1027-27 ( Marasmius maximus Hongo)。
This study adopt Rokuya Imazeki''s classification system for the most part, andthe Largent D. L.''s bracket key for the assist. The fungiisolated fromfountainhead of Huisun Experimental Forest were identifiedbased on thecharacteristics on plates or under microscope. Totally, 28 species wereidentified from 250 species that we were obtained. After purifying the 250strains, 81 strains have purified. The SD agar plates with 0.5 %carboxymethylcellulose ( hereafter called CMC ) were used to determine thecellulase activity in the 75 purified strains. The result indicated that wehave obtained 7strains with stronger activity, which are namely : H0908-08,H0315-16, H0926-18 ( Schizophyllum commune Fr. : Fr. ), H1215-16, H0222-31, H0315-09, H1027-27 ( Marasmius maximus Hongo ), according to the diameterarrangement of clear zone.
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