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標題: 中山高速公路沿線樹木植栽之評估
Evaluation of Tree Planting along the Sun Yat-Sen National Freeway
作者: 章錦瑜
Chang, Chin-Yu
關鍵字: tree planting
scenic beauty estimate
出版社: 植物學系
摘要: 本文旨在以景觀美質與維護管理之觀點評估中山高速公路之現有樹種,樹 種景觀美質評估採用SBE 法,發現影響樹種SBE(scenic estimate)之因 子,有色彩變化性、樹型完整性、枝葉疏密度與維護管理度。樹種於某景 觀週期之SBE ,可藉一個包含此四個變項的迴歸模式預測之。以景觀美質 選取樹種之準則是1.樹型完整、對稱、平衡性佳; 2.觀花、觀果性佳或 葉色美麗者;3.美質高之月份長;4.枝葉茂密度適中;另需配合良好之維 護管理。維護管理評估採用問卷調查,經由項目分析、因素分析與信度分 析,建立各評估項目之權值與維護管理評估模式。發現易於維護管理之喬 木應具備樹型遭破壞後易於復原、生育地適應佳、生長快速、火燒後易於 復舊與耐風性強等。易於維護管理之灌木、藤本最好選取抗病虫力強、噴 藥容易、樹型遭破壞後易於復原、生長快速與萌芽快之樹種。最後再將各 評估樹種於景觀美質與維護管理之評值,化成標準分數相加之,此值愈高 之樹種,即為兼顧此二者之最佳樹種。
The goal of this research is to evaluate the existing greenery tree and shrub species along Sun Yat-Sen National Freeway from theviewpoints of scenic beauty and maintenance. By SBE(scenic beauty estimation)method and correlation analysis, we found a multiple regression model including four variables, color, management, tree form, tree texture and achieved high predictive power. The criteria for selecting the species based on scenic beauty include 1.complete, balanceable and symmetric tree form; 2.beautiful blossom, fruit or leaf color; 3.keep long time beauty; 4.moderate tree texture. Questionnaire was used to understand the burden of maintenance. By using item analysis ,factor analysis and reliability analysis, the maintenance model and the weigh of item were established. Based on maintenance, the criteria for selecting trees include easy restoration after destruction, high adaptability to habitat, fast growth rate, recovery ability after fire and wind damage. For the shrubs and vine they must be high pest resistant, easy to spray pesticides, rapid restoration after disturbance and fast growth rate. Finally we synthesized these two results.
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