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標題: 玉米A-A易位染色體斷裂點及RFLP標誌之實體定位
Physical Mapping of A-A Translocation Breakpoints and RFLP Markers in Maize
作者: 駱冠霖
Luo, Kuan-Lin
關鍵字: A-A易位染色體
出版社: 分子生物學研究所
摘要: 玉米的r-X1缺失位於第十條染色體的長臂,該缺失會誘導染色體的不分離(nondisjunction),產生單染體(complete monosome, CM)。同時也會造成低頻率的染色體斷裂,斷裂後帶有中節(centromere)的染色體片段會留存於細胞中,成為部份單染體(partial monosome, PM)。 本論文的目的是利用r-X1缺失系統,誘導A-A易位染色體的CM與PM,進而標定RFLP標誌與易位染色體斷裂點的位置。CM與PM的取得,是以帶有A-A易位染色體與r-X1缺失的W22品系玉米為母本,與隱性植株(基因座位在易位的染色體上)雜交。此雜交產生的F1子代中,大多數表現預期的顯性外表型,少數表現隱性性狀,並缺失了母本的顯性基因。換言之,r-X1移除了父本隱性基因的覆蓋。有107株隱性植株被篩選出來,其中61株CM和6株PM,利用這些材料,標定出易位染色體 T5-6(6522)的其中一個斷裂點介於第六對染色體長臂的umc21 到 umc132a區域,另一個斷裂點位npi409的遠側端。
The r-X1 deletion in maize is a small intercalary deficiency located in the long arm of chromosome 10. The r-X1 deletion induces chromosome nondisjunction and formation of complete monosome (CM). It also generates a low frequency of chromosome breakage. The resulting fragment carrying the centromere is retained in the cell and become a terminal deficiency called partial monosome (PM). This thesis is aimed to isolate CMs and PMs and to use them for physical mapping of RFLP markers and translocation breakpoints. The experimental design is to cross a stock carrying both the r-X1 deletion and A-A translocations with a recessive marker located on one of the translocated chromosomes. The resulting F1 progeny expressed mainly the expected dominant phenotype and a low frequency of recessive phenotype, which are deficient for the maternal dominant allele. In other words, paternal recessive allele is uncovered by r-X1. Of 107 recessive progenies isolated, 61 are CMs and 6 are PMs. Using these materials, one breakpoint of T5-6(6522) was mapped in the umc21-umc132a region on the long arm of chromosome 6, and the other was distal with npi409.
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