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標題: 台灣地區牛肝菌之分子鑑定
Molecular typing of boletes in Taiwan
作者: 沈義隆
Shen, Yi-Lung
關鍵字: bolete
molecular typing
出版社: 植物學系
摘要: 本實驗室於臺灣針闊葉林中採集到78株牛肝菌子實體,根據子實體的外觀及顯微特徵,鑑定為2科9屬35種,其中5種為臺灣新記錄種,分別為Boletus bicolor、Boletus gertrudiae、Boletus laetissimus、Boletus lewisii、Tylopilus violatinetus。 分別以ITS1-F、ITS4-B;ITS1-F、ITS4;ITS1、ITS4-B及ITS1、ITS4四組引子對牛肝菌之染色體DNA進行聚合酶聯鎖反應(PCR)。其中Strobilomyces 在18S-rDNA 之ITS1-F及28S-rDNA之ITS4-B引子位置與Boletellus、Boletus、Phylloporus、Suillus、Tylopilus、Xercomus有DNA序列差異。Boletellus 在28S-rDNA之ITS4-B引子位置與Boletus、Phylloporus、Suillus、Tylopilus、Xercomus亦有DNA序列差異。 將26條來自不同牛肝菌菌株之rDNA-ITS序列,以ClustalW電腦軟體進行序列排對,搜尋物種或是屬之特定保留序列,結果發現在這群牛肝菌中,其rDNA-ITS序列變異相當大。而Suillus 之rDNA-ITS序列在序列長度與序列的變異上小,可能具有此屬的特定保留序列。
Seventy-eight kinds of fruiting-bodies of Boletes were obtained from middle to hight-altitude broad-leaved forest in Taiwan. They can be grouped into 2 family, 9 genus and 35 species on the basis of the morphology of fruiting-bodies and characterization on microscopy. Five species of them are new records in Taiwan, Boletus bicolor, Boletus gertrudiae, Boletus laetissimus, Boletus lewisii and Tylopilus violatinetus. Four pairs of primers, ITS1-F/ITS4-B, ITS1-F/ITS4, ITS1/ITS4-B and ITS1/ITS4 were chosed for polymerase chain reaction from Boletes chromosomal DNA individually. A sequence difference existed in the ITS1-F region of 18S-rDNA and ITS4-B region of 28S-rDNA of Strobilomyces from Boletellus, Boletus, Phylloporus, Suillus, Tylopilus, Xercomus. The ITS4-B regions of 28S-rDNA of Boletellus also with DNA sequence variation from Boletus, Phylloporus, Suillus, Tylopilus, Xercomus. Twenty-six rDNA-ITS DNA sequence were put into CLUSTALW sofeware for conserved sequences research, and the result indicated that there are significantly variant in the sequences of Boletes. However, the rDNA-ITS sequences of Suillus with the highly consenious mortif because of the little variation on rDNA-ITS sizes and sequences.
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