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標題: 創新育成中心對進駐生技廠商策略聯盟成效之影響
The Influences of Innovation Incubator on Biotechnology Clients' Effectiveness in Implementing Strategic Alliance
作者: 吳泓鎰
Wu, Hung-Yi
關鍵字: Incubator
Client company
Strategic alliance
出版社: 科技管理研究所
摘要: 本研究旨在探討育成中心與廠商間的合作關係、廠商執行策略聯盟 (策盟) 及策盟績效三方面的研究構面,實證育成中心對生技類進駐廠商在執行策盟時的助益。期許能幫助企業在既有的經營環境下,利用育成中心的協助以提高策盟的成功率、強化本身的競爭優勢及創造更多的價值。 首先建立本研究之理論架構,將育成中心與廠商間合作關係定為諮商、網絡、互動三類;廠商執行策盟則由策盟管理與策盟類型來表示,進而來影響策盟績效,共推論出9個待驗證假說。之後設計問卷以132家進駐育成中心的生技類廠商為受訪對象收集實證所需資料,其有效問卷為53份。再依據本研究建立之架構,透過LISREL統計方法來推估各變數間的路徑關係。經過實證結果分析後發現:(1) 育成中心所提供的諮商及網絡服務對進駐廠商執行策盟成效有正向影響;(2) 與育成中心良好的互動關係確實對進駐廠商策盟有所幫助;(3) 廠商在執行策盟時,有效的管理是決定策盟成敗的關鍵之一。 根據本研究的實證結果可以提供非進駐廠商瞭解育成中心如何協助規劃策略及專業有效的輔導,以及讓進駐廠商瞭解與育成中心互動的重要性,促使育成中心對進駐廠商的營運狀況更為瞭解,以便提供專業及客製化的服務,促使這些極富潛力的高科技中小企業能善加利用,及早渡過高風險的初創期。
This research focused at exploring the influences of an incubator on its client companies in the biotechnology industry in choosing the type, the management of and the efficacy of strategic alliances to raise their competitive advantages and create value by examining the cooperation between client companies and incubators. Under our research framework, the cooperation between client companies and incubators was classified into three types as interaction, counseling and incubator's networking. The effectiveness of strategic alliances was examined through studying the management and types of the strategic alliance. Of 132 biotechnology client companies in 33 incubators originally surveyed, 53 (40.2%) were effective questionnaires. Based on our research framework, LISREL was used to probe the relationships among the variables. The results of our empirical study supported the following: (1) Incubator's consultation and external network have positive effect on the effectiveness of client companies' strategic alliance. (2) Good interactions between client companies and incubators are crucial in achieving successful strategic alliance. (3) Effective management of strategic alliances is the key contributing factor to the success of a strategic alliance. Our empirical studies support the fact that client companies do benefit from the assistances provided by incubators and therefore suggest that non-client companies could take advantages of these services. Furthermore, client companies should proactively interact with the incubator to get customized services and to fully leverage the help and resources of the incubator in order to accelerate their growth and to pass their vulnerable starting period safely and quickly.
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