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標題: 開發支援行動商務之行動服務系統平台: 以Google Android開發環境為例
Mobile Service Based Platform Development for Supporting Mobile Commerce: An Implementation study on Google Android Environment
作者: 王天雋
Wang, Tian-Chun
關鍵字: Android
Smart Phone
Mobile Web Server
Mobile Service
Internet Phone
出版社: 科技管理研究所
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摘要: 本平台的設計是為了促進店家和消費者之間的互動,有別於傳統的行銷溝通方式,這個設計適合應用於小商店,也就是透過本平台的簡易使用者界面,可以讓店家老闆輕鬆的透過自己的智慧型手機去建立一個專屬的行動服務網站,因此可促進其販售商品的曝光度、行銷途徑,得以增加商業利益。同樣的,消費者也可以透過本平台探索有興趣的店家,可以從中獲得最新的商品以及優惠資訊。 選用近日火紅的手機作業系統Android作為開發,本系統的開發分成兩大部份,一部分為店家版,另一部份為消費者版。店家版為各開店的老闆所使用,店家老闆可以簡單的透過手機輸入商品資訊,便可將商品發布至網站上,簡易的介面設計得以讓各種不同年齡層的族群上手,以及輕鬆的管理店家網站。消費者版為一般消費者所使用,可以運用本系統搜尋所在地附近的店家。且外,利用手機隨時隨地的優點,未來在LBS應用服務的發展,可以對特定的地點、時間、使用者發出適當的商品資訊,達到創新的行銷效果。 本研究假設智慧型手機市場已經成熟、價格友善、硬體足夠作為小型伺服器,以及行動通訊的價格友善及速度穩定。在本研究的最後也有對目前行動網站伺服器的可行性做分析,針對網路環境及手機裝置評估是否已經成熟可行。 而本系統將會帶來通訊方式的改變以及行動網路社交模式。通訊方式的改變:使得消費者可以透過本系統撥打網路電話給商店老闆,由此一來雙方皆可以省下電信費用,減少通訊成本。行動網路社交模式:本系統支援LBS服務以及行動網站伺服器,預期未來發展可讓行動網站之間可以相互串連交流,延伸而出的是一種新的行動網路社交模式,人們透過本系統交朋友,使得人與人之間的關係串連,擴大交友圈。互動、分享資訊,使得人際網路更為豐富充實。
The purpose of designing this system is to enhance the interaction between stores and consumers. This system is suitable for everyone and especially for small business owner such as food stand or grocery store. They have common features, no efficiency way to manage their goods, lack of a goods management system, and the owner usually lack of information literacy. The solution is to design a user-friendly interface application in mobile system, which can make users feel comfortable to operate this system and easily to establish a mobile service website in their smart phones. We choose the Android platform for development, because of its popularity and the ease of use. This system is dividing into two parts. For business owner, they can input the product information and to manage from smart phone easily. For consumer version, it is convenient for user to search and explore nearby stores information. This research assumed that the market of smart phone grows maturely: the price is acceptable, hardware is affordable for a personal server, the communication is faster and the fee is lower. In the end of this research, we have analyzed about whether the network and mobile phone hardware can afford to be a mobile web server. This system is expecting to change the communication way of m-commerce and add flavor to the use of mobile social network. For store owner, the store and product management is easier than used to be, and higher opportunity to expose the product, increase business benefit. For consumer, it is convenient to search and explore stores information. And reduce the communication cost by using internet phone. These can enhance the interactions and extend to be more applications in P2P social network.
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