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標題: 蔗糖前處理對山藥種間超低溫冷凍保存及生理之影響
Study of sucrose pretreatment on the survival rate and physiological of different species of yams(Dioscorea batatas) after cryopreservation
作者: 莊蟬伊
Chuang, Charn-I
關鍵字: yam
antioxidative enzymes
出版社: 生命科學系
摘要: 本實驗以0.3M或0.75M蔗糖濃度對不同週齡之山藥品種(Dioscorea doryophora Hance、Dioscorea alata L. var. purea(Roxb.)M. Pouch and Dioscorea dioscorea spp.)腋芽進行超低溫冷凍保存之前處理,探討其對山藥超低溫冷凍保存存活率之影響。 三種供試山藥以玻璃質法進行超低溫冷凍保存,結果顯示8週株齡大陸淮山以0.75M前處理可以獲得高存活率(33﹪)。8週株齡血薯用0.3M蔗糖前處理可達到最高存活率(50﹪),同樣的方法應用在青森上,可發現其存活率(25﹪)較血薯低。 本研究藉由蔗糖對山藥培植體前處理,探討對抗氧化能力之影響。結果顯示,山藥品種經高濃度蔗糖前處理可誘導滲透潛勢降低。另一方面,以0.75M蔗糖前處理山藥莖頂MDA生成量比0.3M蔗糖前處理多。同時在擁有高存活率之山藥品種上,觀察到抗氧化酵素、原生質膜和液泡膜上ATPase活性呈正相關性。因此,蔗糖濃度的前處理和山藥週齡為冷凍保存成功之關鍵因素。
This study investigates the effect of 0.3M or 0.75M sucrose concentration pretreatment on the survival rates for different week-old of yam(D. batatas Decne、D. alata L. var. purea(Roxb.)M. Pouch and D. dioscorea spp.)axillary buds after cryopreservation. All three species of yam are cryopreserved by vitrification protocol, the result show that 0.75M sucrose pretreatment reach to high survival rate(33.3﹪) in 8-weeks-old of D. batatas Decne . The highest survival rate(50﹪)was obtained when 0.3M sucrose pretreatment was supplied to 8-week-old of D. alata L. var. purea(Roxb.)M. Pouch. The same method was applied to D. dioscorea spp. the survival rate(25﹪) was obviously lower than that of D. alata L. var. purea(Roxb.)M. Pouch. The goal of this study is to examine the effect of the oxidative ability by pretreatment of sucrose in yam explants. The result shows the high sucrose concentration preteatment in these three species induce osmotic potential decreased. On the one hand, the 0.75M sucrose preteatment gets more MDA production than 0.3M in yam shoot tip. At the same time, the antioxidative enzymes, plasma membrane and tonoplast ATPase activities highly correlated with the high survital rate of yam. These results suggest that the antioxidative enzymes is beneficial to eliminate the activated oxygen generated by sucrose pretreatments. The conclusion is that the preteatment with different concentrations of sucrose and with different stages of yam is key factor leading to successful cryopreservation.
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