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標題: 台灣輸入玩賞鳥沙氏桿菌流行病學及其抗菌劑感受性調查研究
Study of the Epidemiology and Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Salmonella in Imported Pet Birds in Taiwan
作者: 張積漸
關鍵字: Pet birds
Salmonella spp
Antimicrobial susceptibility
Polymerase chain reaction
出版社: 生命科學院碩士在職專班
摘要: 為了解台灣地區進口玩賞鳥沙氏桿菌分布情形及其抗菌劑感受性,自2002年2月至2002年12月針對由荷蘭、比利時、馬來西亞、泰國、新加坡、菲律賓、印尼及澳洲等8個地區及國家進口鳥隻採取361個檢體,分離其糞材中之沙氏桿菌。經以傳統細菌分離程序,在以Tetrathionate broth(TTI)42℃培養24-48小時的增菌程序後,分別釣菌至XLD與MacConkey agar 37℃培養24小時,再挑出無色菌落進行GFB-14E的電腦密碼系統鑑定,最終再用Biolog系統予以確認,結果共確認12株沙氏桿菌菌株陽性率3.3﹪(12/361)。選取10株沙氏桿菌分離株,以17種抗菌劑作感受性測試,結果對neomycin及amoxicillin具有較高的抗藥性,而對gentamicin、flofenicol及colistin均有高感受性。在快速檢測方式下,先採取每批樣品1g新鮮糞材放入Tetrathionate broth中室溫下培養6小時,再取1 ml培養後之Tetrathionate broth予以稀釋4倍後,以95℃加熱30分鐘來萃取DNA,再取萃取物10μl,以特異性沙氏桿菌PCR引子, 5''-ACTGGCGTTATCCCTTTCTCTGGTG-3''與 5''-ATGTTGTCCTGCCCCTGGTAAGAC-3''兩組,進行PCR反應後可見496 bp 之PCR產物。而以此種快速檢測方法,可減少沙氏桿菌偵測所須時間約2天。
The distribution of Salmonella and it's antimicrobial susceptibility in the imported pet birds in Taiwan has been studied in this study. Three hundred and sixty one fecal samples were taken from imported pet birds which came from eight countries including Holland, Belgium, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippine, Indonesia, and Australia during February 2002 to December 2002. The fecal samples were firstly enriched for 24-48 hours in tetrathionate broth, and then transferred to MacConkey and XLD agar. The colorless colonies were then identified as Salmonella spp. by GFB-14E and Biolog systems. Among three hundred and sixty one samples, the 3.3% (12/361) of the samples were Salmonella positive. Ten Salmonella spp. isolates were tested for antimicrobial susceptibility by disc diffusion method. Among 17 antimicrobial agents, the results demonstrated that the isolates were resistant to neomycin and amoxicillin, but sensitive to gentamicine, flofenicol and colistin. In order to establishing a rapid method for the diagnosis of Salmonella, the method of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was applied. The products of PCR reaction were shown in the position 496 bp of molecular weight. By using this method, the time of diagnosis need 2 days less.
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