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標題: 六連桿橢圓運動機之改良與運動合成
Improved Designs and Kinematic Synthesis of Six-bars Elliptical Motion Exerciser
作者: 邱文盟
Chiu, Wen-Meng
關鍵字: Elliptical Motion Exerciser
Exerciser machine
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 橢圓運動機在操作時與步行、跑步及登山有相同促進心肺功能及增加肌肉耐力之效果,但卻不會有與地面接觸時所產生的撞擊力,再配合手部之運動,能使手腳同時達到運動的效果。 本論文針對六連桿橢圓運動機作系統化的設計方法與推論,減少設計成本。並改良出符合需求之改良型橢圓運動機,期望能符合登山運動之步伐。 本文先分析某家(R-家)原型機,推論出其數學模式。再將現有專利之運動特性,結合人體步行模擬曲線,歸納出設計需求及限制。改良原型機使其符合設計需求。
Elliptical motion exerciser makes users exercise like walking, running or mountain climbing, which promotes cardiopulmonary function and increases muscle endurance, and won't bear the impact of reacting force from the ground. The hands can exercise together with a handle part on it. The main purpose of this study focuses on applying a systematic method and deduction to imporve the six-bars ellipical motion exerciser and decrease its design cost. The improved elliptical motion exerciser conforming design requirements to simulate mountain climbing. This study first analyzes R-company's elliptical motion exerciser and derive its mathematial moded. Afterward, through combining the kinematic feature of the present elliptical motion exercises in patents and the walking simulative curve of human body, we can conclude the needs and constraints for design. This improved elliptical motion exerciser can meet this thesis's design requirements.
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