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標題: 魚腥藻CH1及CH2氫代謝生理研究
Physiological Study on Hydrogen Metabolism of Cyanobacterium Anabaena CH1 and CH2
作者: 許偉芬
Sheu, Wei-Fen
關鍵字: Anabaena
Hydrogen matabolism
出版社: 植物學系
摘要: 摘 要 固氮型藍綠藻Anabaena CH1 和CH2氫酵素活性會因生長環境因子改變而有不同的生理反應,Anabaena CH1和CH2給予不同光照強度,其生長速率會隨著光線的減弱而降低,在黑暗培養時,二者的細胞幾乎不生長,且絲狀體皆會斷裂。 Anabaena CH1以不同光照強度培養,25℃產氫活性皆較4℃的低45-75 %,而Anabaena CH2在25℃時,不論光照強度多少皆測不到產氫活性,因此氫酵素活性皆在4℃下測定。Anabaena CH1和CH2的可逆性的氫酵素活性皆會隨著培養時光強度漸弱而增加,在240 mol m-2s-1光照下,只通空氣的培養下,二者可逆性的氫酵素活性都相當低,再處理黑暗24小時後,其活性會增加好幾倍。在240 mol m-2s-1光照下,Anabaena CH2測不到吸收性的氫酵素活性,給予不同光線處理時,隨著光線的減弱,glycogen的含量跟著下降,同時,吸收性的氫酵素活性即被測得,另外在240 mol m-2s-1光照下,只通空氣的培養下,也有吸收性的氫酵素活性表現,在處理黑暗時,活性表現更高。 這結果顯示著在固氮型藍綠藻中碳水化合物的含量與氫酵素活性是成負相關的,即氫酵素被誘導時,會有較低的碳水化合物被儲存。
Hydrogenase activity in N2-fixing cyanobacterium Anabaena CH1 and CH2 have different physiological reactions in different environments, The growth rates of Anabaena CH1 and CH2 reduces with the decreasing light intensities in different illumination degree. In the dark, both Anabaena CH1 and CH2 do not grow. The hydrogen formation activity of the extract of Anabaena CH1 were lower in 25℃ than 4℃. The hydrogen formation activity of the extract of Anabaena CH2 did not exhibit hydrogenase activity in 25℃ with different illumination degree. The reversible hydrogenase activity of Anabaena CH1 and CH2 were increasing with the decreasing light intensities. The reversible hydrogenase activities of both Anabaena CH1 and CH2 were very low in air and in 240 mole m-2s-1 light intensity. Reprocess in dark 24hr, reversible hydrogenase activity were increasing several times. In light intensity were 240 mole m-2s-1, Anabaena CH2 did not exhibit uptake hydrogenase activity. Glycogen reduces with the decreasing light . Uptake hydrogenase activity could be detected with decreasing levels of glycogen. Uptake hydrogenase activity also be detected in air and in light intensity were 240 mole m-2s-1. Anabaena CH2 by prolonged incubation under dark, the uptake hydrogenase activity was increasing. The results showed that the carbohydrate level present in N2-fixing cyanobacterium is negatively correlated with hydrogenase activity. It''s means that there would has low levels of the lower carbohydrate storage materials when hydrogenase was induced.
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