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標題: An Econometric Analysis of the Market Power for Chicken-Egg in Taiwan
作者: Wang, Shiang
關鍵字: 市場力量
market power
marketing margins
price transmission
monopsony or
出版社: 農產運銷學系
摘要: 本文主要探究台灣雞蛋市場之蛋農和蛋商之間的市場力量表現,研究結果 除有助於瞭解合理蛋價形成之外,尚可作為規劃雞蛋運銷制度之基礎。本 文重要結果有:一、以中間投入價格法作為理論基礎,配合ARCH模式之推 估方法,驗證雞蛋市場之大、中盤商皆對蛋農具專買力量,對零售商皆具 專賣力量。二、依價差對價格傳遞不對稱性檢定,發現大盤商較能從產地 價下跌而獲益,大盤商和中盤商皆能從大盤商之上、下調價行為雙向獲益 ,且皆具不對稱性,證明大、中盤商利用報價制度和資訊落遲而獲益。三 、由1991年理論價差之計算,呈現傳統通路「蛋農─大盤商─中盤商─零 售商」於完全競爭之理論價差分配為「1.25-1.53-2.15元/台斤」,總價 差為4.93元/台斤,不同於現今蛋商公會所訂之價差分配 「2.50-2.50-2.00元/台斤」和總價差 7元/台斤。以上結果,顯現雞蛋 市場結構、運銷效率及價差分配值得重視與調整。
This study mainly analyzes the market power between egg producers and marketers for chicken-egg market in Taiwan. This study may contruibute to understanding the reasonable egg pricing and to being the foundation of planning the egg marketing system. The important findings of this study are summarized as following: 1. To test the power between chicken- egg marketing stages by using the intermediate input price approach as the theoretical basis, and to fit with ARCH( autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity)model as the estimation method.The results are the wholesalers and the jobbers exert monopsony power to producers, and exert monopoly power to retailers. 2. According to the asymmetry tests for margin with response to the price transmission,wholesalers get more profits with the farm-price decrease, while both wholesalers and jobbers benifit from the wholesale-price increase or decrese. Marketing margins with responses to the price changes are asymmetric.This showed that the marketers made a profit by the pricing system and the lag information. 3. Caculating the theoretical margin of the traditional channel,「 producer-wholesaler-jobber-retailer」, was done by using the cross-section data of 1991 in perfect competitive market. The margin distribution being「1.25-1.53-2.15 NT$/0.6kg」,which the total margin is 4.93 NT$/0.6kg , differs from the margin distribution being「2.50-2.50-2.00 NT$/0.6kg」, which the total margin is 7 NT$/0.6kg setting by Marketer-Egg Association. The implications drawn from this study are that one is to give an attention to adjusting the market structure, the other is to concern with improving the marketing efficiency and with changing the distribution of the marketing margin for chicken- egg market in Taiwan.
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