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標題: 奈米級微定位平台最佳化設計與分析
Optimal Design and Characterization of a Nanometer Positioning Stage
作者: 傅世澤
Fu, Shih-Tse
關鍵字: Optimum Design
Genetic Algorithm
Real-Time Control
Flexure Structure
PZT Actuator
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 隨著半導體及精密製造業產值的逐年成長,工業界對於高精度與高性能設備的需求愈顯殷切,其中微定位系統扮演不可或缺的角色。在許多研究裡或目前使用中之精密微定位系統,大皆採用粗動與微動分離的雙行程平台方法,以提高微小範圍之定位精度。其粗動部份係以馬達帶動滾珠螺桿或線性滑軌方式之平台機構運動,而微動則利用壓電元件等組合而成的微動平台。 利用這樣的裝置來進行精密定位時,會因兩種結構組成不同,所要考慮的控制因素不同,而在控制系統上便會造成頗多困擾。因此,本研究利用壓電致動器,以趨動一撓性結構平台運動,並藉由一放大機構之設計,直接將微動平台之行程擴充,並藉由雷射干涉儀進行其位置測定。 經由對平台特性的分析與最佳化設計,本研究最終製作了一運動行程於X軸達280μm,於Y軸達320μm,最大轉角達+4 mrad與-2 mrad以上之雙軸三自由度長行程奈米級精密微定位裝置。其定位精度在X軸與Y軸分別為4.2奈米與4.3奈米左右,轉角誤差低於1.2×10-7 rad。
Along with the fast growing of semiconductor and precision-manufacturing industry, high precision and high performance devices are becoming more necessary. In which, the precision micro-positioning system is an essential role. Many researches had been focused on the dual travel ranges coarse & fine motion stages that are used in many precision micro-positioning systems. In these systems, the coarse motion is composed by a motor with a ball screw or linear slider to drive the stage, while the fine motion is composed by piezoelectric element with other parts. Because of the dual travel ranges of coarse & fine motion stages are composed by different structures, there are many persecutions in using this kind of stage. In this research, a long-range precision micro-positioning system, which is composed by piezo-actuator, flexure structure, lever, and uses laser interferometer for position sensing, was investigated. Through out the analysis of the characterization and optimum design of the stage, a stage with total travel range of 280μm and 320μm along the X- and Y- axes, respectively, and the maximum yaw motion range of +4 mrad and —2 mrad with nano-meter accuracy, was constructed. The residual errors in X and Y-coordinate of this stage are 4.2 nm rms and 4.3 nm rms, respectively. And the accompanied yaw error is less than 1.2×10-7 rad.
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