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標題: 利用二維電泳分析綠竹筍 Bambusa oldhamii與冬筍 Phyllostachys edulis 粒線體的蛋白質
Analysis of mitochondrial proteins in bamboo Bambusa oldhamii and Phyllostachys edulis by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis
作者: 柯冠仲
Ko, Guang-Chung
關鍵字: bamboo
出版社: 生命科學系所
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摘要: 竹子是亞洲重要的經濟作物之一,其新生的幼芽生長非常快速,雖然機制還不清楚,但推測需要很大的能量去支持其快速的生長。為了瞭解竹筍能量的代謝,利用兩種二維膠體電泳 BN/SDS-PAGE 與IEF/SDS-PAGE來研究綠竹筍與冬筍的蛋白質組成。 BN/SDS-PAGE能夠將綠竹筍與冬筍粒線體的複合體V的7個次單元與複合體III的5個次單元分離,綠竹筍的8個次單元被挑選進行質譜LC-MS/MS 鑑定。其中6個蛋白質點被鑑定為ATP合成酶的組成次單元,包括屬於ATP合成酶α、β、γ、δ、b與d次單元,另外2個為複合體III 的α 與β次單元。 另一方面,利用IEF/SDS-PAGE分離綠竹筍與冬筍粒線體蛋白質,並得到數量眾多的蛋白質點,但兩種竹筍的蛋白質點分布情形卻明顯的不同。在冬筍中發現IEF/SDS-PAGE分離得到的高分子量(>50kD)蛋白質點較綠竹筍多,相反地,綠竹筍經IEF/SDS-PAGE分離得到的低分子量(<20 kD)的蛋白質點較冬筍多。經由MADI-TOF MS或LC-MS/MS分析,冬筍的21個蛋白質點被鑑定出身分。這些被鑑定的蛋白質可依功能分為四個群組。第一個群組是參與電子傳遞鏈的組成,包括ATP合成酶β次單元與複合體I 的J次單元。第二個群組是參與碳的代謝,包括兩個lipoamide dehydrogenases、兩個aconitate hydratases 與 Succinyl-CoA 合成酶β次單元。第三個群組是參與保護機制,包括五個HSPs、兩個binding protein homologues、兩個disulfide isomerases、兩個Mn-SODs與一個抗病相關的蛋白質。.第四個群組是參與各種各樣的代謝反應,包括一個ATP-dependent RNA helicase。
Bamboo is one of the important cash crops in Asia and its new shoot grows very rapidly. It was supposed that the rapid growth requires a huge amount of energy supplement and may relate to the mitochondrial energy metabolism. Therefore, the mitochondria isolated from young bamboo shoots of B. oldhamii and P. edulis were analyzed by 2D BN/SDS-PAGE and IEF/SDS-PAGE. There were seven subunits of F1F0-ATP synthase (complex V) and five subunits of ubiquinol-cytochrome c oxidoreductase (complex III) of both bamboo mitochondria were resolved on BN/SDS-PAGE. Eight protein spots in B. oldhamii were subjected to MS-based analysis, while six subunits were identified as α, β, γ, δ, b, and d subunits which constitute complex V, and two subunits as α and β subunits which constitute complex III. Mitochondrial proteins from B. oldhamii and P. edulis were separated and visualized on IEF/SDS-PAGE. In P. edulis, more spots with high molecular masses (>50 kD) were revealed on IEF/SDS-PAGE than those in B. oldhamii; on the contrary, in B. oldhamii, more spots with low molecular masses (<20 kD) were revealed than those in P. edulis. Twenty-one spots of P. edulis mitochondrial protein on IEF/SDS-PAGE were identified by MALDI-TOF MS or LC-MS/MS. These newly identified protein spots can be divided into four function groups. The first group represented major function of electron transport chain including the ATP synthase β subunit and the putative J subunit of complex I. The second group consisted of proteins participating in carbon metabolism including two lipoamide dehydrogenases, two aconitate hydratases and a Succinyl-CoA synthase beta subunit. The third group consisted of proteins involved in protection including five members of HSPs, two binding protein homologues, two disulfide isomerases, two Mn-SODs and a disease resistance-related protein. The forth group included proteins involving in various metabolisms including ATP-dependent RNA helicase.
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