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標題: A Study of the Impact of Supplier's Service Quality and Marketing Mix Satisfaction on Relationship Quality and Business Customer's Attitudinal Loyalty: Using Stationery Channel in Taiwan as an Example
作者: 邱金針
關鍵字: 服務品質
Service Quality
Marketing Mix
Relationship Quality
Customer Attitude Royalty
出版社: 行銷學系所
摘要: Much of the extant literature on assessment of service quality has focused on end-consumers, rather than on business customers. Moreover, there has been a lack of research into the evaluative criteria and processes used by firms in forming service-quality perceptions. Although recent research efforts shed light in the business-to-business area, in fact, the issues of “customer service” and “relationship quality” in B2B contexts, remain undefined and relatively unexplored. This lack of definition has produced unresolved issues with respect to conceptualisation and measurement of service-quality perceptions and their impact on business satisfaction and loyalty formation. But in the concerned customer''s loyal research, the majority of research lies in the discussion retail sales circuit business to trust, the pledge as well as satisfaction influence regarding the customer, but the supplier to retails the real diagnosis research which the circuit customer affects loyally not to see, in particular in stationery industry. This research picks convenience sampling to result in the way in the Taiwan area chain-like of article of stationery retail sales circuit business with non-chain-like system to take the object of study, and by personnel''s way visit, obtains 150 to retail the circuit business to take the analysis sample. Using statistical software SAS 8.1 and Lisrel 8.50 carries on the analysis, (Path Analysis) confirms supposition relations the research by the way analysis. The research discovered that: 1. That perceptions of service quality have a positive influence on relationship satisfaction.; 2. That perceptions of marketing mix satisfaction have a positive influence on relationship satisfaction.; 3. Three essential factors of relationship quality have thestrength explanation on customer attitude loyalty regarding the retail sales circuit business manner (SMC = 0.62).
現存文獻對服務品質的評估聚焦在末端消費者,而不是企業客戶。 因此,在服務品質知覺的研究中,較缺乏企業對企業的評估。「顧客服務」的問題和「關係品質」在B2B文獻上,仍未被充分定義且未被深入研究。 因此關於服務品質的概念化和測量,及其對企業滿意和忠誠的衝擊,仍須加以研究。而在有關顧客忠誠的研究中,大部分的研究在於探討零售通路商對於顧客信任、承諾以及滿意的影響,但供應商對零售通路顧客忠誠影響的實證研究並不多見,尤其是在文具產業。 本研究以文具用品零售通路商為研究對象欲探討 (1)服務品質的內涵與本質為何? 以確認服務品質對關係滿意之影響性。 (2)行銷組合的內涵與本質為何? 以確認行銷組合滿意度對關係滿意之影響性。 (3)關係品質與文具零售路商(買方)的態度忠誠的關係為何?以確認關係品質 對行銷結果之影響性,並釐清關係滿意、信任、關係承諾之角色與相互關係。 本研究採便利抽樣得方式在台灣地區連鎖與非連鎖體系之文具用品零售通路商作為研究對象,並以人員的方式訪問,取得150 家零售通路商作為分析樣本。採用統計軟體 SAS 8.1及Lisrel 8.50進行分析,以路徑分析(Path Analysis)驗證研究之假設關係。 研究發現: 1. 服務品質對於零售通路商的關係滿意有正向的關係,因此供應商強化服務品質可以提高零售通路商對於彼此關係的滿意; 2. 供應商行銷組合滿意度會正向影響零售通路商的關係滿意程度,因此供應商值得在行銷組合方面加以提升以提高零售通路商的關係滿意。 3. 關係品質三要素對於零售通路商的態度忠誠有很大的解釋力(SMC = 0.62),因此供應商值得持續投資於改善關係品質之努力; 本研究依據上述發現提出具體的管理意涵以及後續研究方向。
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