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標題: 具摩擦及干擾補償之線性馬達穩定適應模糊控制
Stable Adaptive Fuzzy Control for Linear Drive Systems with Friction and Disturbance Compensation
作者: 賴如昌
Lai, Ju Chang
關鍵字: stable adaptive controller
local linear friction models
switching control
fuzzy model
real-time estimation
linear parameterization
adaptive fuzzy control
出版社: 機械工程學系
摘要: 摘 要 本研究針對線性馬達驅動之運動平台系統,提出具摩擦力及干擾補償之一穩定適應模糊控制律,能達成平台之精密定位與軌跡追蹤控制目的。整體穩定控制系統之設計,使用Lyapunov理論。於設計過程中同時考慮摩擦力及干擾力之線上補償,其中摩擦力之即時辨認方法,乃依據模糊建模方式推導,以TSK模糊模式建立摩擦力之估測模型,並將其化為後件部未知參數之線性表示式,再據以推導參數調適律。而干擾補償控制律之設計,則先以切換控制方式推導,再以飽和函數修正為較平順之補償律。最後並以電腦進行模擬,驗證所提控制策略之有效性。
Abstract This thesis considers the control of a linear drive system with friction and disturbance compensation. A stable adaptive controller integrated with fuzzy model-based friction estimation and switching control-based disturbance compensation is proposed via Lyapunov stability theory. A TSK fuzzy model with local linear friction models is suggested for real-time estimation of its consequent local parameters. The parameters update law is derived based on linear parameterization. In order to compensate for the effects resulting from estimation error and disturbance, a robust switching law is incorporated in the overall stable adaptive control system. Extensive computer simulation results show that the proposed stable adaptive fuzzy control system has very good performances, and is potential for precision positioning and trajectory tracking control of linear drive systems.
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