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標題: 家庭特徵與決策模式對顧客關係反應之影響─以涉入為中介變數之研究
The Effects of Household Characteristics And Decision-Making Patterns on Customer Relationship Response: Involvement as The Mediate Variable
作者: 林志鴻
Lin, Chih-Hung
關鍵字: 家庭特徵
Household Characteristics
Decision-Making Patterns
Customer Relationship Response
Relationship Marketing
出版社: 高階經理人碩士在職專班
摘要: 隨著國人經濟實力的提升,從產業導入週休二日開始,整個社會經濟環境已經從消費者注重自己消費滿意的型態,漸漸開始朝向考慮家人感受的家庭消費型態,居家生活品質變成消費者極為重視的焦點之一。所以相當多的家庭用品隨之興盛起來,休旅車的普及現象就是一個絕佳的例證。換句話說,以家庭為整體考量的消費行為逐漸盛行。但是,關於家庭消費的研究卻是相當稀少,且侷限於某些產業領域,一來無法在學術上建立相關理論架構,二來亦無法提供企業界在從事家庭行銷時的參考準則。 近年來,關係行銷的觀念與技術普遍運用在企業與顧客間建立更深厚穩固的關係之上,然而以家庭消費為中心的關係行銷研究卻相對不足。因此,從關係行銷觀點來探討不同類型的家庭消費行為,對當前經營家庭產品的企業而言乃是相當重要之議題。本研究以家庭消費為主要對象,從不同的家庭型態開始,探討家庭消費決策的差異,再將兩者經由涉入的中介共同與顧客消費後的關係反應來探索其彼此關聯性,以期彌補對家庭消費研究的不足。 實證研究方面,本研究採問卷調查法,以近年來台灣廚房設備最知名的S品牌系統廚具產品之顧客作為研究主體,由這些已經購買S品牌系統廚具之顧客家庭中之經濟戶長夫妻中一人填答。共計發出問卷424份,回收117份,其中無效問卷6份。因此,本研究有效問卷計111份、有效回收率為26.18%。接著,本研究運用因素分析、迴歸分析與變異數分析等統計方法進行資料分析,研究結果可以得到五個結論: 一、家庭消費決策類型愈偏向共同決策的家庭,其家庭消費時的涉入程度愈高。 二、家庭消費的涉入程度愈高時,愈願意與提供該服務的企業建立關係。 三、家庭消費的涉入程度愈高時,家庭消費後的滿意度愈高。 四、涉入是家庭消費決策類型與家庭關係反應的部份中介變數。 五、以統計變量為區別的家庭特徵,對涉入程度與家庭關係反應均無關聯。 最後,本研究依據理論架構與資料分析結果提出本研究之結論、對管理的意涵、對學術與企業界之貢獻,以及未來的研究建議。
As the economy ability increases, the working style shift into two days off a week, the expenditure on various products for consumers should not satisfied for themselves only. Nowadays, they started to consider the expenditure can benefit both themselves and also their family or relatives. According to the point above, the quantity of living becomes the one of the most consuming focus obviously. As the quantity of living increases, many products become prevalent, and we can clear see that the automobile van becomes the favorable car is also an excellent example. In another words, the ideology of consuming already put focus on whole family instead only one person. The research is fairly deficient of family consumes; we only got some field researches, and we believe that's not enough obviously. As the deficient above, we can not establish the related theory on academia, and as so we can not provide any consideration or points to industries when they are work on selling family products. In the past few years, the main ideas how we can build up the firmest way between consumers and industries are basically on relation selling and skilled technology. Afterwards, there is less research as the family consuming as focus. Nowadays, the key to the successful is focus on different types of family and probe into their life style and attitudes. This research paper is basically aimed on family consuming, we study and analysis the differentiation of the buying decisions from different family life styles. And then, we will find out the relationships between these different results. We believe that this paper can contribute to some of the efficient part of the research. Survey is the way this paper use to make the study experiment. Paper chose the most famous kitchen apparatuses brand “S” products to do the survey questions for people who brought the products from brand “S”. The target we aimed for answering these surveys were these married couples who brought the brand “S” kitchen products. The number of total answered surveys are four hundred and twenty-four, retrieved back one hundred and seventeen surveys; there are six surveys are non-avail in these one hundred and seventeen surveys. There are total one hundred and eleven surveys are avail, the percentage of avail survey retrieve is 26.18%. Then, this paper applies to the different of ways to analyzing the data of survey we got for example by using factors analyze. After this experiment we got five conclusions as the following: 1.Family with the same decision, the higher involvement on products purchasing. 2.When the higher involvement on products purchasing happened, they are more welling to establish to the industries that they had been serviced. 3.When the higher possibility on products purchasing happened, family got the higher satisfactions after purchasing. 4.“Involvement” is part of the partial mediation on family consuming and family relation response. 5.According the family characteristics we make some distinguish, it is non- related to both level of involvement or family relation response. In conclusion, this research is study among the structures and data analysis and investigate out the conclusions; these conclusion will give advice to management, academia and industries fairly, and also contribute to the further research in the future.
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